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Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023 (Taiwan): Date, History, Significance, Facts

The Chinese anti-opium movement inspired this initiative.

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Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023
Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023

Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023: Opium Suppression Movement Day is annually observed on June 3. This Taiwanese holiday is dedicated to the eradication of tobacco use. The Chinese anti-opium movement inspired this initiative. By raising awareness about the dangers of smoking and tobacco use, the day aims to encourage smokers to cease and discourage others from beginning the habit. 46% of Taiwanese men and 6% of Taiwanese women are smokers, and approximately five million of the country’s 23 million inhabitants use tobacco products. Tobacco use causes cancer, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease. The significance of this date becomes apparent in light of these statistics: cease smoking today!

Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023: History

In China during the 18th century, opium was a popular but illegal narcotic. Millions of citizens were opium addicts, and massive quantities of the substance were imported by smugglers to supply them. The government enacted a zero-tolerance policy, which was enforced by imperial police. By 1839, the Chinese had confiscated a vast quantity of opium from the British East India Trading Company. It took more than three weeks to eliminate the cache. This action would cause the opium conflicts to begin. In the 20th century, pervasive social dysfunction was attributed to opium use in China. In the 1950s, Mao Zedong’s government launched a vigorous campaign to end the consumption and cultivation of opium on the Chinese mainland, which was largely successful.

Christopher Columbus discovered smoking as the first European. When Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World in 1492, he was presented with numerous dried herbs that the natives termed “tobaccos.” The smoke from these leaves induced intoxication and drowsiness in the users. Others achieved the same effect by chewing the foliage. In the 1600s and 1700s, tobacco use extended throughout Europe and England, eventually becoming a monetary standard. Tobacco was consumed by smoking pipes and cigars, chewing, and snuffing. In the early 19th century, cigarettes were introduced to the United States.

Approximately one billion individuals worldwide smoke cigarettes today. Cigarettes are responsible for nearly half a million fatalities annually, as well as cancer and lung disease. In nations such as Taiwan, where smoking has been a prevalent pastime since the 1960s, the eradication of smoking is a crucial goal. Opium Suppression Movement Day was enacted by Taiwan to eradicate smoking in the country for good.

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Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023: Facts

leading preventable cause of mortality

Globally, tobacco use causes over seven million deaths annually and is the leading preventable cause of mortality.

It affects millions of Americans to smoke.

Over sixteen million Americans suffer from a smoking-related illness.

calculating the price

The annual economic cost of smoking exceeds $300 billion, with direct medical care for adults accounting for $225 billion.

Every day, thousands become smokers

Approximately 2,000 persons under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette every day.

One million euros an hour

Tobacco companies spend approximately $22.5 million per day on advertising, or close to $1 million per hour.

Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023: Significance

Quitting smoking reduces the likelihood of contracting diseases. Included among these are lung cancer, bronchitis, and emphysema.

Involved in roughly 34,000 premature deaths among nonsmokers is secondhand smoking. Quitting means you will no longer put your family and colleagues at risk.

One cigarette shortens your life by eleven minutes. When you stop smoking, you extend your life and take measures towards a healthy lifestyle.

Opium Suppression Movement Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 3 Saturday
2024 June 3 Monday
2025 June 3 Tuesday
2026 June 3 Wednesday
2027 June 3 Thursday