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Poson Full Moon Poya 2023 (Sri Lanka): Date, History, Significance, Facts

It occurs on the full moon day of the seventh month of the Sinhalese calendar, Poson.

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Poson Full Moon Poya 2023
Poson Full Moon Poya 2023

Poson Full Moon Poya 2023: Poson Full Moon Poya Day will be observed on June 3 this year. This day, also known as Poson Festival, is a Sri Lankan festivity. It occurs on the full moon day of the seventh month of the Sinhalese calendar, Poson. The holiday’s date depends on natural occurrences and varies, but it is typically observed in June. This intensely religious event commemorates the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Buddhists celebrate the day with music, dance, and the telling of tales while distributing food and tea. Poson Day is second only to Vesak in significance in Sri Lanka.

Poson Full Moon Poya 2023: History

This Day commemorates the 246 BCE introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by the Buddhist priest Arahat Mahinda. A Buddhist monastery on the mountain Mihintale, where Mahinda converted the King of Sri Lanka, is one of the event’s focal points. His conversion to Buddhism resulted in the establishment of numerous Buddhist sites and learning centres throughout the capital. It assisted in establishing an official link between Buddhism and Sri Lanka. The relationship contributed to the spread of Buddhism on the island, but it also led to ethnic tensions and hostilities, which culminated in 1983 in a major civil conflict. The conflict lasted more than two decades and resulted in countless casualties on both parties.

Sri Lanka is believed to have the earliest Buddhist culture. However, this religion has experienced periods of decline, including the time Sri Lanka was a British colony. Increased Christian missionary efforts and British rule diminished the prominence and influence of Buddhist priests and traditional learning institutions. Restorationists fought to reestablish Buddhism on the island and expel the British.

1948 marked the declaration of Sri Lanka’s independence, and in May 1957, the country conducted a national event to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of Buddhism. The religious fervour preceding the event resulted in the establishment of new Buddhist institutions and centres of learning, restoring Buddhism to the nation’s core. Poson Poya festivities revolve around Buddhist sites in the Mihintale and Anuradhapura mountains. During Poson, thousands of Sri Lankan pilgrims visit these locations. They wear white clothing and worship in spiritual locations.

Poson Full Moon Poya 2023: Facts

Buddhism is extensive.

According to surveys, 70% of Sinhalese adhere to Buddhism.

The nation survived the civil conflict.

Sri Lanka’s civil conflict, which lasted from 1983 to 2009, claimed the lives of approximately 100,000 individuals.

Presidential pardon during Poson Poya

As is customary, the President of Sri Lanka granted clemency to 93 inmates during the Poson Poya celebration of 2021.

The founder of Buddhism was a royal

The monk who introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka, Arahat Mahinda, was the son of an Indian monarch.

Buddhism is now a prevalent religion.

There are approximately 6,000 Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka that house approximately 15,000 priests.

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Poson Full Moon Poya 2023: Significance

Poson Day enables us to recognise Buddhist priests and acknowledge their contributions to society. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Poson Festival educates the public about Buddhism. It affords others the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their beliefs.

Numerous devout individuals participate in a Poson pilgrimage. We delight in exploring spiritually significant historical locations.

Poson Full Moon Poya 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2022 June 3 Friday
2023 June 3 Saturday
2024 June 21 Friday
2025 June 10 Tuesday
2026 June 29 Monday