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Our machines far more secure than voting machines used abroad: EC

On Saturday, the Election Commission (EC) held a demonstrator of voting machines to prove that they cannot be tampered with. This comes in the backdrop of the all-party meeting which was held last Friday with the EC to debate the upcoming ‘EVM hackathon’ after allegations that the voting machines were hacked in the recently-held assembly elections and the Delhi civic election.

On Saturday, the Election Commission displayed the working of both an electronic voting machine or EVM and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail or VVPAT over a press conference held by Chief Election Commissioner Dr Nasim Zaidi.

Zaidi said, “The Commission has conducted elections successfully for 107 state assemblies. Some people have doubts about the EVMs. We have even got suggestions. But the EC has not received any credible information about these”.

As the conference progressed, the EC declared that the Commission has stated before parties that all future elections will be mandatory held with VVPATs.




“The Commission believes that the use of VVPATs will bring utmost transparency and credibility in the voting system. The audit trail will make the voters feel confident. Once done, India will be the first country in the world to have elections with 100% VVPAT”, added Zaidi.

A Professor Rajat Moona, director IIT Kharagpur and a member of EC tech committee on EVM said, “Once you change the motherboard, it’s no longer EVM. As far as software is concerned any access to make alterations in the software is burnt at the time of manufacturing. The chip is non-rewritable.”

Notably, “There is no possibility of tampering of machines during transport or when they are kept in storage house… The EC officers keep an eye on the EVMs when they are transferred” said Zaidi.

“Trojan Horse (a key press sequence) can’t be inserted into EVMs since chip on EVM is one-time programmable & doesn’t have a Wi-fi chip. ECI machines are far more superior than machines used by the rest of the world… Our machine’s data is far more secure than the voting machines used abroad. Don’t consider hackathon a prestige issue.” he added.

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