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Punjab: Aspiring singer arrested for kidnapping minor boy to seek money for music album

Police have arrested a 25-year-old boy and an aspiring singer on Tuesday for kidnapping a minor boy from Kurali in greater Mohali. This kidnapper has been identified as Sahil Verma who hails from Sonipat, Haryana, and lives on rent in Paprali Village of Punjab.

The accused told that the investigators that he kidnapped the child in order to extort money to release a Punjabi music album as he wanted to make big in the industry and for that he had enrolled himself in music classes and even made a music video in 2016.

He also told the investigators that he wanted to move to Mumbai to make a music album but as he was running out of money which is why he decided to kidnap the boy and ask for hefty ransom.

SSP Harcharan Singh Bhullar said that the accused has bought a Maruti 800 car 15 days before kidnapping the boy. He then used to visit the boy at a stadium near Kurali where he used to go in order to befriend him. On April 6, the accused offered the boy an ice-cream and in return asked him to get into his car.

Following which, the accused took the boy Ashish Jot Singh to a hotel in Ludhiana where the spent the whole night. Amid which the accused called up the victim’s mother and demanded a ransom of Rs 2 Lakh if they wanted their child’s safe return. When the kidnapper realized that his phone call can help the parents to trace him to Ambala, he abandoned his car and fled the spot.

On April 7, Punjab police rescued the minor boy from Ambala railway station and then he led the police to the accused who was arrested in less than two days of the boy’s rescue.

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