Punjab: Eatery to pay Rs 75,000 compensation for serving dead cockroach to a customer

Punjab: Eatery to pay Rs 75,000 compensation for serving dead cockroach to a customer

An eatery in Punjab has to pay a hefty amount for serving dead cockroach in the salad to a customer. The district consumer disputes redressal forum directed the food outlet Aja Fresh, Grilled and Healthy sector 11 to pay Rs 75,00 compensation to a customer from Panchkula.

Complainant Shobhit Rana of Panchkula ordered the food from her relatives’ house in Chandigarh. The food that was delivered in 45 minutes consisted of three items. After they finished the first two items and were about to go on the third one which was a vegetable salad named ‘Powerhouse’. Halfway through it, they found a dead cockroach in the salad.

Following the incident, the called up the restaurant but no one responded to their calls. Her family took the pictures of the dead insect in the salad and posted it online without delaying and even wrote a food review of the creepy experience. The restaurant did not respond to the online feedback too.

Also after a few hours of eating the food, she felt dizziness and vomited because of the contaminated food. Due to which she was hospitalized.

However, the restaurant in its defense said that they were conscious about hygiene and on the day of the delivery, the complainant was in Thailand as per her Instagram photos. The outlet further claimed that it was her advocate brother Mohit Rana who posted the food review on Facebook. They also said that fact cannot be verified hence the cockroach might have crawled into the salad at the place of eating.

The forum said that the sole question for consideration was whether there was a cockroach in the food or not and the photographs and affidavit was enough to prove that the food that she ate was contaminated. Also, the restaurant that has an open kitchen that has been certified cannot serve as an excuse for the inconvenience caused.

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