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Rice Krispies Treats Day 2023 (US): Date, History, Significance, Facts

The day details the origins of Rice Krispies Treats and how the recipe has evolved over time.

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Rice Krispies Treats Day 2023

Rice Krispies Treats Day 2023: The 18th of September is Rice Krispies Treat Day, an unofficial celebration of the no-bake, quick-to-prepare sweet delicacies. Due to the ease with which the delicacy can be prepared, it has become a daily staple in millions of U.S. households. The snack became so popular over the years that it was officially introduced by brands around the globe and sold in supermarkets. Celebrate the day by snacking on Rice Krispies and sharing your appreciation for the delectable cereal.


Rice Krispies Treats were first published in a 1938 dessert cookbook written by Lucy Maltby. According to the recipe in the book, the delicacy was originally made from cereal, butter, sugar, molasses, and vinegar. In 1916, another cookbook introduced a comparable recipe titled Puffed Rice Brittle. Over time, several modifications and adjustments were made to the recipe. During the summer of 1939, the Campfire Girls troop commander Mildred Day and her scouts sold hundreds of Rice Krispies Treats. The sudden prevalence of the treats can be attributed to the fact that the scouts added a sweet flavor and campfire Girls Marshmallows to the original recipe. Kellogg’s later adopted this recipe because the sweet treat was a hit with children and adults equally.

The company included Day’s recipe on the back of the Rice Krispies cereal package in 1941. The delicacy was also trademarked and became a national sensation due to its straightforward yet delectable taste. After a few years and tons of advertising, the treats became a household name and were consumed daily and on special occasions by children of all ages because they adored the flavor so much. In 1939, Kellogg’s employees Malitta Jensen and Mildred Day also introduced a promotional vehicle for the cereal. People have also created Rice Krispie Treat variations with a holiday motif. Based on the holiday theme, food coloring was used to construct these.

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Rice Krispies Treats Day 2023: FACTS

The initial designation of Rice Krispies

They were referred to as “Puffed Wheat Squares.”

Creating artwork with Rice Krispies

Jessica Siskin authored a book showcasing Rice Krispies as an artistic medium.

Bestseller cereal

Rice Krispies is the most popular breakfast cereal.

For those who have just awoke

Rice Krispies were referred to as “The Talking Cereal” because they were marketed to breakfast-consuming Americans.

A substantial Rice Krispies Treat

In 2015, students from the University of Wisconsin crafted a Rice Krispies Treat weighing 11,327 pounds.


It gives the treat’s history.

The day details the origins of Rice Krispies Treats and how the recipe has evolved over time.

It provides enlightening details

The day provides interesting information about how the treat acquired popularity and the advertising efforts that were made.

It is an enjoyable day for children.

This day is enjoyable for children because they can consume their favored treat without fear of adult interference.


Year Date Day
2023 September 18 Monday
2024 September 18 Wednesday
2025 September 18 Thursday
2026 September 18 Friday
2027 September 18 Saturday