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Shah Rukh Khan lives up to the title he’s been bestowed with, the “King Of Bollywood”

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Source: The Hindu

Other than his acting skills, what makes the country his “Jabra Fan” is his pleasant and quirky state of mind. Today SRK took to Twitter to do a short Q&A with his fans. Here are some tweets that will either crack you up or make you fall even more in love with him.

When asked if there is anything he has been addicted to since childhood, the creative star answered, “My heartbeat.”

SRK was known to be an all-rounder student in school. When a fan asked him what was the worst thing he has ever done to his teachers, SRK said, “Didn’t learn everything from them, missed out some stuff.”

SRK shares his insight on morals too. On being asked whether it is better to beg for forgiveness or ask for permission, SRK gives a simple response: Depends on what wrong you want to do.

King Khan never fails to motivate his fans. When a fan asked him what is most important in life, Respect, love or money, he had an encouraging response, “Why settle for one, get them all. “

The ‘Dilwale’ star also knows how to handle controversial topics, when a fan asked him to choose between Salman Khan and Amir Khan with a side note, “Please don’t dodge the question.” SRK replied by saying, “Don’t ask dodgy questions. “

SRK has an impeccable sense of humour. “There’s a formula but you’ll have to learn it” he said when asked for advice on how to ace a chemistry exam.

He left the Twitterati in giggles with his beauty secrets. When a fan asked him his formula for beautiful hair, he answered, “The same shampoo as Rapunzel.”

The ever-modest King was asked how many bedrooms are there in his house, Mannat, to which he gracefully responded, “Enough.”

The idol also has simple yet motivational advice for aspiring actors, “ACT!”