Simmba actress Sara Khan, mother Amrita approach Dehradun police over disputed property worth crores

Simmba actress Sara Ali Khan and her mother Amrita Singh approached Dehradun police over a property dispute in the outskirts of the city in Uttarakhand on Saturday afternoon.

According to the reports, the mother-daughter duo landed up at the Clementown police station in Dehradun staking claim at the 16,000 square feet property which is worth crores.

According to police Amrita who is also the first wife of actor Saif Ali Khan, visited police station with her Kedarnath movie fame actor daughter Sara Ali and claimed that a property sprawled over 16,000 square feet area in the outskirts of Uttarakhand’s capital belongs to them.

“Amrita’s maternal uncle Madhusudan Bimbet lived in Dehradun’s disputed property as the suit over the title is pending in court. On Saturday he died of cancer. Amrita came to Doon with Sara Ali, cremated her maternal uncle’s body and then both allegedly entered the bungalow” a police official told News18 requesting anonymity owing to ‘high profile’ case.

Khusiram, the caretaker of Amrita’s maternal uncle for the last three years, in his application to the police, mentioned that the property has been locked so that no one could enter. This has been done as per the order of Amrita’s uncle Madhusudan. A close friend of the family says that no one came to visit Madhusudan when he was ailing and needed them the most. However, people have started turning up to claim over the property soon after his demise.

Comments from Sara and Amrita are awaited.

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