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Step-By-Step Guide to Use DigiYatra: All About the Digi Yatra App

Digi Yatra is an initiative led by the Ministry of Civil Aviation that aims to make air travel hassle-free, seamless, and risk-free for passengers.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Use DigiYatra: All About the Digi Yatra App

The Digi Yatra Foundation and the Ministry of Civil Aviation developed the Digi Yatra app to facilitate contactless identification of passengers at airports. This application expedites boarding of flights and reduces travel time.

Digi Yatra is an initiative led by the Ministry of Civil Aviation that aims to make air travel hassle-free, seamless, and risk-free for passengers. Digi Yatra employs a single token of face biometrics to digitally validate travel, identity, and other information required for air travel.

How Does the Digi Yatra application operate?

The Digi Yatra app verifies the identity of travellers using a Facial Recognition System (FRS), which will be linked to their boarding passes. Consequently, it requires less time to enter the airport, complete the pre-security check, and reach the boarding gates.

DigiYatra facility to be available at all gates of Delhi airport’s terminal 2,3 by March-end: DIAL

How can I install the Digi Yatra app?

It is free for both Android and iOS smartphones. Digi Yatra can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

Which Airlines and Airports support the application?

Currently, Vistara, Air India, and IndiGo participate in the Digi Yatra initiative. Spicejet and GoFirst anticipate joining the gateway in the near future.

The Digi Yatra app aims to streamline the entry process for domestic flight passengers at the following three airports:

  • Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport
  • Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi

By March 2023, four additional cities (Kolkata, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Pune) will have been added.

How to use the DigiYatra app, follow this enrollment process:

Step 1: Install the DigiYatra app on your phone from PlayStore (Android) or App Store (iOS). Once the installation is completed, you will be asked to register using your mobile number. You can do this by entering the OTP sent to your phone.

Step 2: Once you have registered on DigiYatra, you will be asked to link your ID credentials using DigiLocker or Offline Aadhaar. If you opt for the second option, you will be asked to upload an XML file. Here, you should note that Aadhaar below five years of age will not be accepted.

Step 3: In the next step, you will be prompted to provide a selfie. So, click a picture and upload it on the app. Make sure your image is clear and has no obstructions.

Step 4: To complete the enrollment procedure, upload your boarding pass on the DigiYatra app and share it with the departure airport. Ensure your name on the flight ticket, Aadhaar, and boarding pass are the same when uploading documents.

When you have reached the airport, follow this procedure:

Stage 1: Arrive at the entry e-gate, Gate no. 2A, terminal 3, to use DigiYatra. Currently, the service is only available here. At the gate, share and scan your bar-coded boarding pass/mobile boarding pass. Look into the camera of the facial recognition system installed at the gate. After successful validation, the e-gate will open automatically to allow entry.

Stage 2: After entering the terminal, drop your luggage at the airline check-in desk. However, if you are not travelling with bags and suitcases, head straight for DigiYatra Gate at Zone 1 PESC, located nearby business class entry. Look into the facial recognition system installed at the e-gate. After successful validation, the gates will open to let you in for a security check.

Stage 3: At the last stage, use DigiYatra to pass through the boarding gate. (Currently available only at limited gates)

Important: only install the official DigiYatra app

It is advised that users exercise caution when downloading the DigiYatra application. Ensure that you only install the official app and not any imitations. Download only the official DigiYatra app developed by the Digi Yatra Foundation.

The DigiYatra service will make it easier for travellers to pass through security checks. The facility will enhance your airport experience and facilitate paperless, contactless, and hassle-free air travel. To accomplish this, however, you must download and register at DigiYatra. Remember to adhere to the above-described procedure without skipping steps or altering the order!

Note: OTP not received during DigiYatra registration

In the event that you have not received an SMS, please note that due to network operator security measures, there may be a delay in receiving SMS such as OTP from various apps. Please wait some time and resend the OTP if it has not been received.