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Step towards Ram temple resolution

By Radha Mishra
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The Supreme Court’s advice on revival of talks in the Ayodhya Temple-Masjid controversy has laid the path for a step on the road to the resolution of the issue. Obviously, some concerned people think that there is nothing left to say in the talks and it’s true that it would be difficult to keep an account of all the talks actually held on this issue.  However, it is also a fact that now the conditions are peaceful and the atmosphere is conducive in keeping sentiments under control. It’s only now that both the UP state and the center has the same party in government. No solution would have been possible without this equation. It is for the first time that the BJP is in Delhi as well as in Lucknow with full majority and the people mandate to make things happen. This should be seen as the majority supporting their views. In this atmosphere if the dialogue process is revived and all the groups are taken along then a solid solution can be achieved.

The court has also advised Subramanian Swamy to connect with both sides and make a platform for talks. Everyone is familiar that Swamy does not hesitate in his statements but it also must be remembered that he is an expert with the law and the constitution. It is a hint that the court is advising all the groups to stay within the legal framework while forming their views and opinions. This is very important by itself. Sentiments have their weightage but the legal intricacies cannot be ignored. If the governments of Modi and Yogi can convince the concerned parties about this aspect then the solution is a possibility. This solution may prove to be positive and helpful in conveying the strength of democracy to the country at large. However, the government, officials and the representatives of the groups must talk with tact and hope. If there is an attempt to gain political mileage through it then the issue can be ruined even before it reaches any conclusive position. The dialogue must have experts from law and religion included. It is necessary that very senior and responsible people are appointed to fill these positions. It cannot be with speeches and words only but in reality and action too.  This advice by the Supreme Court should not be ignored and wasted by political positioning. To truly become a global superpower, India needs to resolve some of its historical issues and the Ayodhya temple dispute is a big one especially considering that the BJP is now in power.

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