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Stop targeting women in the name of religion

By Naveelah Ishteyaque
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Stop targeting women in the name of religion
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The platform that the internet offers ordinary people to write, create, comment and report has led to abundance of reaction. The reaction often turns into appreciation and often into a threat, abuse and nasty comments.

In its initial years, Internet revolutionized the computer and communication world like never before in the history of mankind. However, now it has become more like a deep and somewhat dank pool, in which factors like invisibility, lack of authority, and anonymity prevails which leads to dreadful consequences.

Trolling is one such trend that has been on the rise with the growth of digital communication. People troll others on social media and tag it under “freedom of expression”. The trend which started with commenting people has now taken an ugly shape where individuals are being trolled in the name religion, especially women.

Women have always been a soft target for religious preachers. Islam is one religion which demands respect for women. Covering her head, and body is definitely one thing it demands but disrespecting them, no!!

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Recently Former Indian all rounder Irfan Pathan was trolled on Twitter for a picture of his wife Safa Baig on Instagram and Facebook with her hands showing and wearing nail polish. Like covering face was not enough, how could Irfan Pathan’s wife be bold enough to show her arms and that too with nail polish?!

This Pathan’s post received massive backlash not only from Twitterathi but also from various religious leaders. Calling it ‘un-Islamic’, Maulana Sajid Rashidi said that Irfan Pathan’s background is very religious as his father was a muezzin, and so posting his wife’s picture on social media is a shameful act.

Well if showing arms and wearing nail paint is a shame, how can wearing a dress that reveals one bare hand is respectful. Prior to Irfan Pathan’s wife trolling incident, Mohammed Shami’s wife was trolled for choosing to wear a dress that looks good on her. She was called “Un-Islamic” and Shami was coward to respect his wife’s dress choice.

Why are tradition, culture, and religion restricted to women? If she wears nail paint she is no Muslim. If she shows her leg, she is uncultured. Religion is about faith and not about compulsion and how one dresses and does with life.

What appears to have brought the pack of religious bigots together with naive fans oblivious to the nuances of international cricket or celebrity is the nature of the beast that is social media. One does not know how to react with these trolls by hitting back at them or by simply ignoring them.

It seems all the evils of Indian society are because of these desperate attention-seeking women. The busy people of India have to take time out of their busy routines to moral police them and teach them religious aspect. When will these girls learn?