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Electoral tactics alone cannot defeat BJP: CPI-M

New Delhi: It will be wrong to underestimate the pan-India strength of the BJP and to think that electoral tactics alone will be enough to defeat it, the CPI-M has said. The key link at this juncture is to gather the growing discontent against the BJP rule, especially due to[Read More…]

No April Fools’ Day pranks for Microsoft employees, company issues memo

Microsoft hired more women post-LinkedIn acquisition

Women now represent 27.3 per cent of Microsoft’s and LinkedIn’s combined global workforce, the tech giant has revealed, adding that the addition of LinkedIn’s workforce has served to increase female representation overall. Outside of the LinkedIn acquisition, the percentage of women employed at Microsoft globally is 25.9 per cent —[Read More…]

Apple slips to 17th spot in '50 Most Innovative Companies' list: Report

Apple hiring more diverse workers but women

When it comes to gender equality, Apple has a long way to go. According to the company’s annual diversity report only about a third of its employees are women. The Cupertino-based iPhone maker’s annual “Inclusion & Diversity Report” said, as of July 2017, only 32 per cent of its workforce[Read More…]

Underweight women at greater risk of early menopause: Study

Underweight women at greater risk of early menopause: Study

Women who were underweight as teenagers or in their mid-30s are at greater risk of facing an early menopause compared to lean or normal weight women, researchers have warned. Early menopause, defined as naturally occurring menopause before age 45, is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and other[Read More…]

Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive at last!

Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive for the first time in a landmark decision. So far, Saudi Arabia was the only nation in the world to curb women from driving. The Muslim-dominated ultra-conservative kingdom had attracted global criticism for years for detaining women who defied the ban. Reportedly, an[Read More…]

About 14 shopkeepers arrested for selling ‘bras, panties’ in open

About 14 shopkeepers were arrested by the district administration of Buner in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa for selling women’s undergarments in the open, The Express Tribune reported. “We received complaints from locals about open showcasing of women’s undergarments, including bras, panties and other materials,” Buner additional assistant commissioner, Zahid Usman Kakakhel said.[Read More…]

Stop targeting women in the name of religion

Stop targeting women in the name of religion

The platform that the internet offers ordinary people to write, create, comment and report has led to abundance of reaction. The reaction often turns into appreciation and often into a threat, abuse and nasty comments. In its initial years, Internet revolutionized the computer and communication world like never before in[Read More…]

She-box to ensure safety of women at workplace

She-box to ensure safety of women at workplace

In an attempt to ensure that women are safe in workspaces, the Union women and child development (WCD) ministry is launching an online complaint box. ‘She-box’ will ensure that help is now a mouse-click away for the women government employees who face sexual harassment at work. This online complaint box[Read More…]

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