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Superhuman Day 2023: Dates, History, Significance, Facts

Accidents account for only 9% of disabilities; the remainder are due to natural causes or other causes.

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Superhuman Day 2023: Superhuman Day occurs annually on September 7. This day recognises individuals with disabilities who confront and overcome obstacles, disgrace, and dishonour. Did you know that everyone will likely encounter a disability at some point in their lives? This is why this day also recognises and honours hundreds of sportsmen, musicians, entrepreneurs, educators, and other individuals who have proven themselves regardless of how society labels them.

Superhuman Day 2023: HISTORY

There are superhumans among us, and we’re not talking about those with hi-tech weapons in their metal suit or the ability to weave webs with their hands. We are discussing people with disabilities who, through hard work and perseverance, have navigated this difficult environment.

The first Superhuman Day was observed in 2016. Channel 4 devised an extraordinary plan to emphasise the extraordinary Paralympic athletes during the summer games. During the 2016 Paralympics, Channel 4 decided to launch a campaign recognising these underappreciated superhumans and their incredible accomplishments.

Even though the Paralympics began in 1948, it did not receive as much attention as the Olympics. So, to change this mindset, Channel 4 began an ad campaign called ‘We are the superhumans’ The campaign featured 140 disabled individuals who were attempting to alter society’s perception of them.

This is the purpose of this day: to eliminate the stigma that is imposed on people with disabilities and to treat them equally. Support those with disabilities in any way possible and do everything in your power to help them live in harmony in this incredible world. Furthermore, anyone who confronts and overcomes the obstacles in their lives is superhuman. Therefore, congratulate yourself and go conquer the globe!

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  • 15% of the world’s population is disabled, including 93 million minors and 720 million adults.
  • Accidents account for only 9% of disabilities; the remainder are due to natural causes or other causes.
  • Only 31% of the workforce is covered by disability insurance provided by their employer.
  • Only 25% of individuals with disabilities who are of working age are employed.
  • Although anyone may offer assistance, the majority of individuals with disabilities prefer to be independent.


People with disabilities attend school, marry, work, weep, laugh, and dream just like everyone else. They should not be hindered by our stigmas and prejudices.

The Paralympics encourage individuals with disabilities to exceed expectations. By commemorating Superhuman Day, we are promoting the Paralympics and boosting the morale of individuals with disabilities.

A fantastic takeaway from Superhuman Day is that individuals with disabilities prefer to be treated equally. We shouldn’t view them as incompetent.


Year Date Day
2023 September 7 Thursday
2024 September 7 Saturday
2025 September 7 Sunday
2026 September 7 Monday
2027 September 7 Tuesday