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Bihar likely to deploy transgender guards for women security

Transgenders unlikely to be spared from Sec 377 of IPC

In India, transgenders are unlikely to be spared from the ambit of the law criminalising homosexuality, contrary to the recommendation of a parliamentary panel, reported TOI. Sources said the legality of Section 377 of IPC, which makes homosexuality a crime, is pending before the Supreme Court, a reason why the[Read More…]

Vicks' bold new ad is making viewers emotional

Vicks’ bold new ad is making viewers emotional

India is hailed as the world’s largest democracy. The spirit of a democracy lies in its diverse and inclusive nature. But, intolerance and prejudice against the LGBTQ community is still prevalent. Section 377, a law which criminalises consensual sex between homosexuals, still prevails in democratic India. The draconian law, based on[Read More…]

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