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Sikkim cut off from Siliguri

Following landslides, Sikkim cut off from Siliguri

Sikkim was cut off from northern West Bengal‘s Siliguri on Thursday following landslides in both states triggered by heavy overnight rains. National Highway connecting Darjeeling district’s Siliguri to the Sikkimese capital Gangtok was inundated by the Teesta river at Gailphola around noon on Thursday, leaving hundreds of tourists stranded. Many[Read More…]

Decreasing fertility rate among Sikkim’s indigenous inhabitants alarming: Patil

Gangtok: Terming the decreasing fertility rate among the indigenous inhabitants of Sikkim as “alarming”, state Governor Shriniwas Patil has, however, lauded the Pawan Chamling government for making timely policy interventions to check the trend. “The demographic profile of Sikkim has changed over the last four decades. Percentile data of the communities,[Read More…]

China unusually aggressive on border issue: S Jaishankar

China unusually aggressive on border issue: S Jaishankar

While speaking to a group of MPs on Tuesday, Foreign Secretary, S Jaishankar, said that China’s approach to the standoff at Sikkim is ‘unusually aggressive’. The group included senior opposition leaders including Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi. Jaishankar assured a parliamentary committee on External Affairs, which has about 20 members[Read More…]

Sikkim CM backs Gorkhaland demand

Following the Gorkhaland unrest, Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling has come out in support of the demand for a separate Gorkhaland, to be carved out of hill areas in West Bengal. “The fulfilment of the constitutional demand of the people in the Darjeeling hills, which is deeply connected with[Read More…]

Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 hit East Sikkim region

An earthquake of magnitude 4.6 hit the East Sikkim region late on Sunday midnight around 03:12 AM on Monday. Lately, a lot of earthquakes have been reported. On March 25, a moderate earthquake of magnitude 5.0 rocked India’s northeastern states and parts of Myanmar. The tremor was felt around 7[Read More…]

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