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The Second Leg of the Indian T20 League Is Underway: Sharpen Your Fantasy Gaming Skills

So here we are going to give you a few tips that will help you sharpen your fantasy gaming skills and beat your opponents in Indian T20 League fantasy contests.

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The Second Leg of the Indian T20 League Is Underway: Sharpen Your Fantasy Gaming Skills

The second phase of the Indian T20 League 2021 resumed in the UAE on 19th September and the tournament is in an interesting stage currently. It is time for fantasy game lovers like you to sharpen your skills and enjoy the action. Fantasy sports allows you to be the owner and manager of your own dream team. You can pick real players from a real match being played between two different teams. Thus, even when you are not actually present to witness or participate in the action on the ground, you still get to be a part of it. The chance to pit your wits against real players from across the country makes fantasy sports absolutely thrilling.

The Howzat fantasy cricket app available on the Play Store is the perfect platform for you to play unlimited free fantasy games and test your skills in fantasy sports. While preparing a fantasy team isn’t rocket science, there are some key factors to consider while picking an 11-member fantasy squad.

So here we are going to give you a few tips that will help you sharpen your fantasy gaming skills and beat your opponents in Indian T20 League fantasy contests.

  1. Keep combinations intact

It is mandatory that you pick at least one all-rounder and one wicket keeper for your fantasy team. Along with that, the requirement is also for another three batters and the same number of bowlers.

Since it is only a 20-over game, it is important for your team to be composed of batters batting higher up the order as they are the players likely to face a greater number of deliveries and score more runs, thus increasing your chances of winning.

Your preference should also be picking more than one all-rounder as they bring greater balance to the team.

  1. Review your team selection soon after the toss

It has often been seen that teams are forced to make emergency changes due to last-minute injury to key players. Strategic changes might also force the captain and the coach to make certain last-minute changes to the playing XI. Your team can suffer in case something like that happens and you do not make changes to your team.

It is therefore important that you wait to review your team selection until the toss is done. This is the time when the two captains confirm their teams and give fantasy players a clear idea about which players to pick. Therefore, extra caution is advised when it comes to team selection.

  1. Select the captain and the vice captain wisely

A great amount of attention should be given to picking the captain and the vice captain of your fantasy team. Compared to the other players, the captain gets you 2X points for the same performance as others. Therefore, a captain should not be selected based on their stature or past performances but based on crucial factors such as pitch conditions and current form among others.

The same applies to the selection of the vice captain. The vice captain gets you 1.5X points compared to the other players. Choosing a duo that may prove to be top performers in the match is crucial to the outcome of your game.

  1. Take weather and pitch conditions into account

Game lovers are well-aware of how player performances can differ depending on the pitch and weather conditions. Some players love to play on spinning tracks, while some prefer to have pace on the pitch. Therefore, only after assessing the pitch and weather conditions should you select your players.

This formula also applies while making bowler selections. For example, a flat pitch with a lot of cracks would favor spinners. Therefore, you should have more spinners on the team than pacers for such pitches. On the other hand, a green pitch would suit seamers.

  1. Don’t make your selection based on just player reputation

Sometimes batters with good track records in the longer format aren’t well suited to the shorter format of the game. A red-ball expert might not be that good when it comes to facing the white ball. So when you decide to play fantasy cricket, it is important to take into consideration the track record of the players in the T20 format.

Legendary players with brilliant past records might not perform very well when they are nearing the end of their careers and their selection could harm our chances of winning.

  1. Pick wicket-taking bowlers over economical bowlers

On the Howzat app, wicket-taking bowlers will get you more points than those with a good economy rate. It often happens that batters try to play out the four overs of the bowler with a good reputation. Thus, even a world-class bowler might not end up with an adequate number of wickets.

However, one not-so-known bowler may end up picking 3 to 4 wickets, given that the batters take such bowlers more lightly and take more risks against them. Therefore, a bowler giving away 40-45 runs but picking 3 wickets is more preferable to an economical one who gives away only 20-25 runs without picking a single wicket.

  1. Think twice and pick wise

Fantasy players often take team selection lightly, which harms their chances of winning. It is highly advisable that you take your time for team selection. Take into consideration players’ past performances as well as their recent form going into a particular match. A particular player might have a knack for doing well against a particular team. So such factors keep in mind while choosing your team.

Now that you have been equipped with all the necessary tips to sharpen your fantasy game skills, what are you waiting for? Download the Howzat app, pick great teams and win big cash prizes while enjoying your favorite game. Happy gaming!


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