Three naked women arrested for driving speeding car, says they were “Air Drying”

Three naked women arrested for speed driving, says they were “Air Drying”

We often find ourselves making weird excuses whenever we are caught by a policeman doing something offensive. But these three women from Florida crossed all limits of craziness by doing an act that was not just bizarre but also indecent.

Three teenage women, an 18-year-old and two 19 years old were arrested recently after they were spotted naked in their car that was over-speeding. They were spotted applying tan lotions on themselves.

Sources said that one of the girls told the police that they were air drying their clothes after washing them up.

But the reason they got arrested was that after the officials approached to take them under custody for indecent exposure, they fled from the spot in their car and the police had to chase them for long.

The police chased their car for 33km and after which they successfully caught hold of them. Reports said that the driver was in an inebriated condition while another woman had a spit bag placed over her head.

The women have been charged with resisting arrest, fleeing from the spot, indecent exposure and making more problems for a law enforcement officer.

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