Dwelling in Jharkhand village, this brave lady empowers other women
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Together Women can! Dwelling in Jharkhand village, this brave lady empowers other women

Charity begins at home! Where women from different background are coming on the national and international platforms to voice for empowering ourselves and each other, there are few brave females who are working on the ground level too. Alka is the perfect example of a woman who has worked her way to achieve financial independence and helping other ladies in her village to achieve the same. Women have initiated to help their female counterparts to become financially independent and feel empowered.

Bisrampur village of Hazaribagh District in Ranchi is blessed to have a woman like Alka who is not only financially independent but also helping other members of Self-Help-Group to become completely financially independent.

Alka initially joined Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) as a Cluster Coordinator in August 2017. Then, only 23 women were working with the Self-Help-Group. She started to aware women in her village and around that later bore fruits and women started to join the cluster.

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Alka has constituted around 207 self-help groups so far and also helped women to get their bank accounts opened. Six female groups have been provided with power tiller, motor pump, spray machine as a part of the agricultural machinery. Two groups have been provided Nursery Poly House and Chilli seeds. Women groups are becoming self-reliant with the untiring efforts of Alka.

A female group is running a sewing-embroidery and cloth shop, then running a ration from a ration and shoe shop. Two sisters are raising the family by running a beauty parlor. Graduate pass Alka Awadhiya has three children.

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