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Top Locations in Florida for Watching Solar Eclipse

On April 8, the US is set to witness a total solar eclipse lasting 4 minutes and 26 seconds, with top locations in Florida being chosen for viewing.

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Top Locations in Florida for Viewing Solar Eclipse
Source: Sun Sentinel

Top Locations in Florida for Viewing Solar Eclipse: The much anticipated total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8, in the US. NASA thinks it will last 4:26.

The eclipse will only be visible in parts of the US, Canada, and Mexico due to the lunar shadow.

Totality will be visible in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

A portion of Tennessee and Michigan will be eclipsed, while the rest will experience a partial eclipse. The next total solar eclipse in the US is expected in 2044, which has astronomers interested.

Florida will get a partial solar eclipse, but not the total one.

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The top locations in Florida to observe the solar eclipse from

Events will be organized by astronomy enthusiasts throughout Florida to ensure that the eclipse can be observed securely. Statewide, the event is scheduled to commence at approximately 1:35 p.m. EDT.

As reported by Eclipse2024.org, the potential coverage in Bratt, Pineville, and Walnut Hill is approximately 82%. The partial eclipse will also be visible in Pensacola, with an estimated 80% of the sun being obscured.

As one travels south, the visibility of the eclipse diminishes. In Tallahassee, the moon may obscure 75% of the sun, while in Jacksonville, it may obscure 70%. The degree of solar obstruction in Palm Beach, Miami, and the Keys is marginally greater than fifty percent, at 58%, 55.7%, and 55.1% correspondingly.

Individuals who intend to observe the solar eclipse in Florida must wear ISO-certified eclipse spectacles and verify that they are authentic, not counterfeit. Exposure to direct sunlight without appropriate eye protection can result in irreversible harm to the eyes.

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