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Valentine’s Day special: When PUBG saved a couple’s marriage

From August, a photo of a couple was viral on social media.

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Valentine’s Day special: When PUBG saved a couple’s marriage

The popular and viral game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has raised a lot of controversy for itself, courtesy its addictive nature but it can be a relationship saver too. On this Valentine’s Day, we have a unique story store in for you that will keep your faith in love alive!

Since the game has gained a lot of attention of people, everyone is coming up with their own different stories relating to the viral game. But this story of a couple stands out from all of them.

From August, a photo of a couple is doing rounds on social media, in the picture, we can see a married couple posing with their Smartphone in which clearly PUBG game is opened.

“Finally married my PUBG squad mate,” said the caption of the viral Facebook post by Mohammed Rasheen.


Now you might be thinking that the couple would have been playing this game and bonded well over the game and its strategy and got married. No, this story is a different one.


Speaking to a news portal, Salwa Ahamed, the bride in the photo, reveals.

“We didn’t actually meet over PUBG,” she says. “It did, however, save our marriage which was going to be called off.


The couple, Salwa and Rasheen have been dating for 4 years and apart from the usual ups and downs, the couple started facing issues. Rasheen being a gaming addict used to play games for long hours. Even before PUBG, he used to play a lot of games like FIFA, Age of Empires.


Things got difficult when Rasheen moved to UAE for a job while Salwa was in her final year of college. Long distance is always a problem a couple faces, so was the case here.


She said “Long distance turned out to be a problem for both of us. Time zones played the villain in our lives. Salwa added recalling the months. “Fights got to a point where we were about to call off the wedding.”

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When all the Voice over IP(VOIP) calls were blocked in UAE, including Skype and Whatsapp, then PUBG happened to them. They resorted to PUBG to talk with each other. It became a medium to communicate and gradually overcame the long-distance. The best part is they could talk for hours through the game.


When asked about the viral photo, she says that while it went viral soon after it was posted on social media, they did not know about their new-found Internet fame for a while. Salwa and Rasheen got married in Thrissur, Kerala, where they are both from, and that sidelined them from social media.

“It was only later, when our cousins and everyone told us, and lots of people messaged us, that we realized,” Salwa says.

The story led to a huge impact on their family and friends and they also started playing the game.

The couple has shifted to abroad after marriage and while Rasheen is an architect in UAE, Salwa is an IT professional. They don’t play the game anymore now but they both still love gaming and play whenever they get time.

It was not the competition that made them play the game but the act of playing together with each other that made them end up with each other. We can’t ask for a better story on this Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?


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