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Varun Gandhi moves bill in LS to recall legislators for non-performance

BJP’s MP from Sultanpur, Varun Gandhi, on Wednesday announced that he proposes an amendment to Representation of People’s amendment bill.

He took to twitter to announce his proposal. “I propose a representation of the People’s Amendment Bill to Recall MPs and MLAs, where the majority of the electorate do not deem them fit to represent them adequately anymore — for reasons moral or material,” he tweeted.

According to the Bill, MPs and MLAs can be recalled within two years of their being elected, if 75% of the voters in their constituency are dissatisfied with their performance.

“Logic and justice necessitate that if the people have the power to elect their representatives, they should also have the power to remove these representatives when they engage in misdeeds or fail to fulfil the duties,” Gandhi said.

The demand for ‘recall’ has been around for years and was highlighted during the India against corruption movement led by Anna Hazare.

“This bill attempts to give electors an opportunity to lead and control the political narrative so that the electorate feels part of the process and is not relegated to being part of the narrative only once in every five years,” Varun told PTI.

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