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Venezuela Carnival 2024: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Venezuela

Venezuela Carnival 2024, an annual event in February and March, celebrates agrarian cycles, Shrovetide, and cuisine, featuring parades, street shows, and performances.

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Venezuela Carnival 2024 (Venezuela) Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Venezuela

Venezuela Carnival 2024 (Venezuela): Carnival in Venezuela is an annual event that takes place three days before Ash Wednesday. It is observed in February and March according to the lunar-governed liturgical calendar; this year it occurs on March 3. Agrarian cycles and Shrovetide served as inspiration for the jubilant movement and celebration known as El Carnival in ancient civilizations. Presently, the festival has gained recognition for its cuisine, particularly meat, parades, balls, street shows, and performances.

Venezuela Carnival History

Carnival celebrations have historically revolved around extravagance and sensual pleasure. However, as time passed, the purpose of the celebration shifted, while the vibrant costumes and melodies of the music endured. In athletic competitions during the 16th and 17th centuries, participants engaged in public dancing while performing “immoral gestures.”

Bishop of Caracas Diez Madroero altered the commemoration a century later to consist of three days of rosaries, prayers, and parades. This iteration of the Carnival endured until Mayor José Abalos reinstated it in a “refined” but original state. Instead of permitting spectators to engage in rioting, he ensured that they were provided with confectionery, floats, and motivation to participate, thereby reducing the level of violence at the festival.

Carnival has been incorporated into Venezuela’s regional celebrations and has come to symbolize the nation’s identity. Meat festivals in Puerto Cabello, King Momo celebrations in Maturin, Mérida’s Bullfighting Carnival of America, Callao celebrations, and Zulia’s costume gatherings are all examples of Carnival festival traditions. El Callao hosts the longest carnival in Venezuela, which spans four days. The centerpiece of the celebrations at El Callao’s festival is dancing madamas.

Carnival is an annual event in Carúpano that showcases vibrant costumes, orchestras, decorated floats, vintage automobiles, steel drums, salsa music, and gallons of rum. A queen and a miniature queen of the carnival are selected during the celebration. El Carnival is observed in Mérida, where the Sun Fair is held. The competition culminates in the selection of the Queen of the Sun before the commencement of the festivities. 400,000 individuals participate in the Carúpano Carnival.

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Venezuela Carnival 2024 (Venezuela) FAQs

What is the renowned Venezuelan Carnival known as?

El celebration is the name given to Venezuela’s renowned celebration.

Which month is Carnival in Venezuela?

Carnival is observed in Venezuela during February and March, preceding Lent.

Where is the renowned Venezuelan Carnival held?

El Carnival is celebrated throughout Venezuela. As an illustration, certain Carnival celebrations transpire in Caracas, whereas others transpire in Carapano.

Venezuela Carnival 2024 (Venezuela) Activities

Participate in Carnival

Embrace the jubilation by attending the Venezuelan Carnival. The opportunity to experience a vibrant culture is once in a lifetime.

Acquire a vibrant costume.

Carnival in Venezuela is a vibrant cacophony of color. Enhancing the variety of colors incorporated into the costumes is preferable. Thus, create or purchase an ensemble in preparation for the carnival.

Attend and engage in the carnival.

The magnitude of the Venezuela Carnival’s fanfare is unmatched. One may participate in bullfights and competitions, perform an instrument, or indulge in sweets. Engage in any activity of your choosing throughout the festival.

Five Unexpected Facts about Venezuela

Pageants for beauty are nearly a tradition.

Venezuelans have a passion for beauty and host pageants throughout the year, including during Carnival.

There, the greatest rodent resides.

In the Venezuelan savannas, the capybara, or chigüire, is the largest rodent in the world.

Birds adore it.

Guacamayas, or vibrant macaws, soar effortlessly through the air each evening, stopping to perch on terraces and balconies throughout Caracas.

Without peaks, where do the mountains reside?

The term “tepuis,” which refers to tall table mountains with steep sides but no summits, is distinctive for Venezuela.

It is home to the world’s highest waterfall.

At 3,212 feet in height, Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world. It is located in the Guiana Highlands of the state of Bolivar.


Year Date Day
2024 February 12 Monday
2025 March 3 Monday
2026 February 16 Monday