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“Virgin bride, why not?” Kolkata prof’s sexiest Facebook post goes viral, then deletes it

In an eye shunning Facebook post, Kanak Sarkar, a professor at the prestigious Jadavpur University in Kolkata, wrote several controversial comments on women’s virginity. In the post, titled “Virgin Bride – Why Not? (Value Oriented Social Counselling for Educated Youth), Sarkar compared a virgin girl to a sealed bottle or packet.

In the post, which has now been deleted, Sarkar asked, “Are you willing to buy a broken seal while purchasing a bottle of cold drink or a packet of biscuits?”

Sarkar said that the boys remain such fools that they are not aware of the benefit of having a virgin girl as a wife.

Kanak Sarkar, who has more than 20 years of teaching experience and a doctorate, said that, “A girl is born sealed from birth until it is opened… A virgin girl means many things accompanied with values, culture, and sexual hygiene.”

The post, which was written on Sunday, soon became viral with many slamming Sarkar for his sexist remarks. Though after all the angry reactions, Sarkar deleted the post, but defended his viewpoint in another late night post.

He said that he writes his personal opinion which is not against any person. He said that his post was part of his research. “I am doing social research and writing for the good and wellbeing of Society,” Sarkar wrote. “It’s everybody’s right to express his / her thoughts. I have given many posts for and in favour of women. Can verify them in my Timeline,” Sarkar wrote.

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