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When is Diwali (Deepavali) 2024?

It is annually observed in numerous Indian states, with particular emphasis on the northern, western, and eastern regions.

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Diwali (Deepavali) 2024

Diwali (Deepavali) 2024: The Hindu religious festival Diwali, alternatively referred to as Deepawali or Deepavali, is commemorated as a “festival of lights” to represent the triumph of the forces of light (or righteousness) over the forces of darkness (or malevolence). It is annually observed in numerous Indian states, with particular emphasis on the northern, western, and eastern regions.

In the year 2024, Diwali occurs on a Thursday, October 31st. The Hindu lunisolar calendar designates this date as Ashvin and Kartika, which corresponds to approximately mid-September to mid-November on the Gregorian calendar.

List of Indian festivals and holidays for the year 2024

Diwali typically encompasses five days, during which time the following days are observed: Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Govardhan Pooja, and Bhai Dooj. It is a joyous occasion celebrated with pyrotechnics, vibrant attire, sweets, feasts, and gifts among family and friends.

Delights adored on the occasion of Dhanteras include Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. Additionally, purchasing gold, silver, or any other metal on this day is regarded as extremely fortunate.

Narak Chaturdashi, also known as Choti Diwali, is a day in Hindu mythology associated with a battle between Lord Krishna and Narakasura, which culminated in Krishna’s demise.

Diwali is the occasion when Lakshmi Puja is performed in households. On this day, the principal Diwali festival is observed, and Lord Rama returns to Ayodhya after vanquishing Ravana. The populace worships Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, in the belief that she bestows prosperity and good fortune.

Govardhan Puja is observed the day following Diwali and is an occasion devoted to the veneration of Lord Krishna. It is commonly held that to shield the inhabitants of Mathura from Lord Indra, Lord Krishna ascended the mountain referred to as “Govardhan.”

People observe Bhai Dooj to honor the profound bond that exists between siblings. Comparable to Raksha Bandhan, it is commemorated on the second day of Shukla Paksha in the lunar calendar.

The importance of Deepavali or Diwali

Amidst the festivities of Diwali, residential and commercial establishments are illuminated. Goddess Lakshmi is revered for her wisdom and riches, while Lord Ganesh is adored for her patronage and prosperity. Typically observed in November or October, the festival commemorates the fourteenth year since Lord Rama’s return from exile. Five days are devoted to the celebration of the festival in numerous regions of the nation. It is without a doubt the most renowned festival in India and is considered a celebration of life. The festival signifies the onset of the New Year in certain regions of the nation. The schedule for the five-day festival of Deepavali is as follows:

The onset of the new fiscal year is signified on the first day for the majority of Indian enterprises. For good fortune, the business class venerates Goddess Lakshmi.

  • On the second day, purification takes place. Individuals utilize oil treatments and don new garments.
  • It is the day of the new moon on the third day. The official day of the Deepavali festival has arrived.
  • On the fourth day, Kartika Shudda Padyami occurs.
  • The fifth day of the festival, which is its final day, represents the intense love that siblings share.

What is the Deepavali/Diwali observance?

As previously stated, the festival festivities may extend for a maximum duration of five days. Miniature clay lanterns powered by electricity or petroleum shall adorn the interiors of dwellings and commercial establishments. Individuals trade threats. There will be festivities held in numerous cities and villages.

The festival is observed during diverse periods across different regions of the country due to the potential for multiple interpretations of traditional lunar calendars. For example, in the Tamil Nadu region, Deepavali is observed during the Tamil month of Aippasi.

The Public Sphere Amid the Diwali Festival

During the day of the festival, government offices, post offices, and institutions will be closed. There may be establishments that are closed or operating for reduced hours. Transportation is not impacted.

The Festival of Lights’ emblems

Electric lights and miniature clay oil lanterns are the most significant symbols of the celebration. They reproduce both physical and spiritual components of light.

The Five Finest Indian Destinations to Spend Diwali

When devising a travel itinerary for the Deepavali festivities in 2024, the subsequent five Indian destinations exemplify the festival to the fullest extent:

Jaipur is annually the most popular tourist destination during the Diwali holiday season. Warm lamps and lighting adorning streets, shops, and residences supply the true aesthetic appeal of Deepavali. For this, Jaipur, the Pink City, is the ideal location. Competitions for the decoration of the city’s roadways are held annually.

Goa, the smallest state in India, is also renowned for its Diwali festivities. The festivities will center on the annihilation of the malevolent entity known as Narakasura. Competitions are orchestrated in each municipality and township to determine who can sculpt the most sizable figurine of the demon. Given that gambling is a well-known Diwali tradition, you may visit casinos to test your luck.

Varanasi is an exquisite Indian destination where one could celebrate Diwali in 2024. Staying at one of the riverside establishments in the city of Varanasi will allow you to appreciate the festival in its full splendor. Particularly notable aspects of the festival are the earthen lamps and the Ganga Aarti.

Kolkata: Although Diwali is commonly associated with the veneration of Goddess Lakshmi, the principal day of the festival is Kali Puja in Kolkata, the administrative center of West Bengal. The city’s Kali temples, Belur Math, Kalighat, and Dakshineswar, attract a significant number of devotees from all over the nation.

During the Diwali vacations, Delhi, the capital city of India, is renowned for its shopping opportunities. Dilli Haat is the coordinator of the renowned Diwali Bazaar. Those with an interest in one-of-a-kind handicrafts should plan a trip to Delhi to engage in Diwali shopping in 2024.

Diwali Celebration for Upcoming Years (2025 – 2028)

Diwali Festival Date Day
Diwali in 2025 21 October 2025 Tuesday
Diwali in  2026 November 8, 2026 Sunday
Diwali in 2027 29 October 2027 Friday
Diwali in 2028 17 October 2028 Tuesday

FAQs on Diwali Holidays

  1. What are the five days of Diwali in India?The five days of Diwali in India are Dhanteras, Kali chaudas, Diwali, Govardhan puja and Bhai dooj.
  2. Will banks remain closed on the eve of Diwali?The banks will remain closed across India on the eve of Diwali, except in Hyderabad, Imphal, and Gangtok.
  3. Is Diwali celebrated on the same date every year?No, Diwali is celebrated on a different date every year.
  4. Is Diwali celebrated in Canada?Yes, Diwali is celebrated in Canada as well.
  5. What does Diwali signify?Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness.
  6. Which deity is worshipped during Diwali puja?Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped during Diwali

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