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Being a woman is a strong security for me: Gauri Lankesh

By Glory Dwarkesh
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Gauri would be alive if she hadn't written against RSS, BJP: Karnataka BJP MLA
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Being a woman is a strong security for me: Gauri Lankesh

It was Gauri’s self-confidence two decades back. But..

“Even the stringent opponents of my father cannot fire the same quantum of salvo against me. It is because
of the fact that I am a woman. And my womanhood is my strongest shield. Thus, my thought goes”, were the words of the fierce journalist, Gauri Lankesh, who was brutally murdered on Tuesday evening.

Known for her fearless journalism, Gauri took over the as the editor of Lankesh Patrike following the demise of her father in 2000. She was then working as a resident correspondent of ETV Telugu channel.

She believed that she could never take the position of her father and take the publication to its zenith. She felt that no one could match the sheen of her father. As a result, she decided to close the publication. However, she changed her mind later and decided to take the legacy of Patrike forward.

As revealed in interviews, Gauri’s father’s fiery articles against wrong doers had attracted several defamation cases against him. Result? He had his fair share of haters too.

Gauri was a woman who was proud of her self-confidence. “Being a woman is safe at present condition. The womanhood protects me. In case anyone misbehaves with me, will surely lose their own credentials in the society,” she had said.

However, her self-confidence could not save her from her brutal killing. From ancient times to the present-day, India has seen the blooming of several social and cultural movements, stimulant political narratives, and has seen the epitome of ideological extremism. The terminologies of ideologues like secularism, communalism, patriotism, socialism have been widely abused in every spectrum of society.

Gauri had witnessed it all. She had participated in several movements. She raged against the fast flourishing communalism in the country. She adamantly worked to bring back the Naxalites to the mainstream. She was more of an activist than a journalist.

Did intellectualism silence her? Did Hindu nationalist extremism push her to her own death?

The answer to this is not known. A proper investigation can only reveal the truth behind her murder. As a journalist, I feel that her confidence of being a woman failed her. Her death indicates the deteriorated state of our society. Over the coming days, the anxiety will strengthen. The answer of when will such things end remains stagnant. The inflamers of violence may be divisive but, in order to stop such brutal killings, I believe that those who appeal for peace should unite. I believe.

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