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World Kindness Day 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Kindness

Numerous nations observe this occasion, such as Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

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World Kindness Day 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Kindness

World Kindness Day 2023: November 13 is observed annually as World Compassion Day, an international holiday established in 1998 to promote compassion worldwide as part of the World Kindness Movement. Numerous nations observe this occasion, such as Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. On World Kindness Day, we are granted the occasion to contemplate one of the most significant and cohesive principles that governs humanity. On a day dedicated to the constructive possibilities of acts of kindness, regardless of their magnitude, endeavor to spread and advocate for this essential attribute that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The History of World Kindness Day

As an initial observance day, World Kindness Day was established by the World Kindness Movement. The organization was formally recognized as an NGO in Switzerland in 2019, although its origins can be traced back to a convention held in Tokyo in 1997. A diverse group of organizations and societies from Australia, Thailand, the United States, and the United Kingdom were in attendance at this conference on account of their shared commitment to promoting benevolence in the community. This event would give rise to the initial structure of the World Kindness Movement, which would be formally declared in a written declaration attesting to its “join forces to construct a more compassionate and benevolent global community.” With the intention of accomplishing this objective, they would organize the first World Kindness Day in 1998.

The World Kindness Movement defines the objective of World Kindness Day as “the promotion of benevolent actions within the community, emphasizing the unifying force and positive potential of acts of kindness.” Since its inception over twenty years ago, the day has garnered genuinely international attention; activities linked to it have enticed participants from each inhabited continent. The aforementioned initiatives have comprised dance mobs, concerts, and the distribution of “kindness cards.”

At this time, the day is observed informally; however, the World Kindness Movement continues to strive for official recognition from the United Nations. In the event that the collective endeavors prove fruitful, World Kindness Day would be inscribed alongside esteemed days of observance, including Human Rights Day, International Day of Peace, and World Health Day.

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FAQs for World Kindness Day

What purpose does World Kindness Day serve?

The purpose of World Kindness Day, as defined by the World Kindness Movement, is “to emphasize the positive force and unifying force of kindness through the promotion of good deeds in the community.”

What is the origin of World Kindness Day?

Following the establishment of the World Kindness Movement, World Kindness Day arose. Their aspiration and purpose was to establish a day that would serve to heighten consciousness regarding the significance of benevolence as a unifying force among individuals worldwide.

From where does the term ‘compassion’ originate?

The term ‘kindness’ originates from the Middle English word ‘kindenes,’ which signifies ‘courtesy,’ and is derived from the Old English word ‘kyndnes.’

Participation in World Kindness Day activities

Today, commit at least three acts of random charity.

Offer commendations. Frown upon strangers. Maintain a door ajar. Vacate your seat on the overcrowded train. Witness the enchantment that ensues after you have executed a minimum of three acts of benevolence at random.

Today, extend extra (and extra-long) embraces.

Kindness and interpersonal relationship are intrinsically linked. Today, spare a few additional minutes to embrace your companions and loved ones. They may be perplexed as to what possessed you, but they will still be impressed!

Create a poem of affection that you will read aloud to yourself.

Additionally, you ought to be kind to yourself today. Compose a brief (or lengthy) poem that expresses your gratitude for the positive aspects of yourself and your existence.

Five Facts Regarding Kindness

Commence with minors

Regular bullying at school affects one in every four children in the United States; therefore, instructing children to be kind to all, despite their differences, and to confront bullying when they observe it will transform them into courageous and benevolent adults.

An occasion for solidarity

Although not associated with any particular political or religious movement, World Kindness Day is observed in more than 28 countries.

Practicing kindness pays off.

Constantly kind individuals produce 23% less cortisol, the stress hormone; as a result of the reduced stress levels, consistently kind individuals age at a slower rate than the general population.

Generosity is infectious.

It has been discovered by scientists at the Stanford Social Neuroscience Laboratory that individuals are more inclined to exhibit benevolent behavior towards others when they observe others doing so.

It reduces arterial pressure.

Oxytocin is secreted in response to emotional affection; this hormone causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, leading to a reduction in blood pressure.


Year Date Day
2023 November 13 Monday
2024 November 13 Wednesday
2025 November 13 Thursday
2026 November 13 Friday
2027 November 13 Saturday