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National French Dip Day 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Roasted Beef

On this day, chefs experiment with various variations of this sandwich in order to offer their customers a diverse selection of flavors to sample.

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National French Dip Day 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Roast Beef

National French Dip Day 2023: Annually, National French Dip Day is observed on November 12. This day is particularly well-liked by meat and sandwich enthusiasts. On this day, chefs experiment with various variations of this sandwich in order to offer their customers a diverse selection of flavors to sample. This day is observed throughout the entirety of the United States, which demonstrates how popular this distinctive sandwich is.

National French Dip Day History

Established in Los Angeles, Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet was among the initial dining establishments to offer the renowned French Dip sandwich. Additionally, today, November 12, 1908, commemorates the 110th anniversary of the opening of Cole’s restaurant.

The French dip consists of a roast meat sandwich accompanied by a side dish composed of the accumulated juices from the roast meat. After that, the sandwich is submerged in the gravy. In 1908, Cole’s first introduced the French dip sandwich. A roast beef sandwich was prepared specifically for a client who was unable to chew it due to sore gums. A patron requested that Jack Garlinghouse, the caterer at the establishment, apply roast meat juice to the sandwich bread in order to moisten it. As time passed, an increasing number of patrons requested the identical sandwich, and it eventually became one of the establishment’s best-selling items.

Cole’s was among the pioneering establishments that introduced the practice of accompanying their sandwiches with roast beef liquid. Conversely, Philippe’s, an additional well-known eatery, asserts that its proprietor, Philippe Mathieu, invented the sandwich. Due to the fact that both establishments have been in operation since the early 1890s, determining the sandwich’s original inventor remains challenging.

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FAQs for National French Dip Day

How should one most effectively prepare French Dip sandwiches?

After stuffing tender beef and melted provolone cheese into fresh bread rolls, the rolls are submerged in the meat liquid or broth that is served as a side dish.

What complements a sandwich with French dip?

Served alongside fresh salad, potatoes, coleslaw, chips, or a French dip sandwich.

Do French dip sandwiches promote good health?

Due to their extremely high fat and sodium content, French Dip sandwiches should be consumed in moderation and only on occasion.

Aspects of National French Dip Day

Coordinate a sandwich-making competition

The ability to craft an exceptional panini is an art form. Commemorate National French Dip Day by organizing an enjoyable sandwich-making competition with your companions. By setting a time limit or including a mystery ingredient that must be utilized in the dish, you can increase the difficulty.

Indulge in a traditional French fondue sandwich.

The recipe for French dip sandwiches is older than one hundred years. However, its availability remains limited in mainstream fast food establishments. Visit some less frequented restaurants in your city that serve authentic French dip-style sandwiches in observance of National French Dip Day. Savor the sandwich in authentic American fashion by submerging it in beef liquid that is piping hot (au jus).

Prepare French loaf

Baking serves as a therapeutic endeavor, and French dip sandwiches frequently incorporate French bread as a principal component. French loaf imparts the most flavor to French dip, and nothing tastes better than freshly baked bread. Flour, yeast, and oil are all that are required to bake delectable artisan bread from the ground up.

Five Roast Beef Facts That Will Astound You

The French believe that the English adore sirloin.

Amidst the persistent animosity between the two countries, the French began to refer to the English as “rosbifs” due to their customary Sunday supper consisting of roast beef.

Exactly the equivalent

As an appetizer, the English used to serve Yorkshire pudding with roast mutton.

An ode to roast sirloin

“The Roast Beef of Old England” is the title of a patriotic ballad composed by Henry Fielding.

Fire-open barbecue

When I was younger, the English would roast beef over open flames.

The affluent consumed cattle.

Consuming cattle during the Middle Ages was indicative of affluence and achievement.


Year Date Day
2023 November 12 Sunday
2024 November 12 Tuesday
2025 November 12 Wednesday
2026 November 12 Thursday
2027 November 12 Friday