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World Diabetes Day 2023: History, Dates, and Activities

It occurs annually on November 14. Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by insufficient, if any, insulin production by the pancreas.

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World Diabetes Day 2023 History, Dates, and Activities

World Diabetes Day 2023: World Diabetes Day was established in 1991 by the International Diabetes Foundation and the World Health Organization. It occurs annually on November 14. Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by insufficient, if any, insulin production by the pancreas. Furthermore, it results in severe health complications, which is why we observe this day to educate and raise awareness.

The History of World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is thought to have originated around 1550 BCE. The discovery of the effective extraction and injection of insulin into human subjects occurred in 1922. In contrast, our current comprehension of diabetes is relatively recent in light of its protracted and challenging historical trajectory.

The distinction between type two and type one emerged around 1850, when medical personnel believed they had sufficient knowledge to justify two distinct categories.

Subsequent to that period, the prevalence of type II diabetes has escalated to 90% among affected individuals, affecting an estimated $425 million individuals globally. This alarming increase is one of the motivations why the IDF and WHO established World Diabetes Day: to raise awareness.

Managing blood sugar levels on a daily basis is a laborious and expensive undertaking, given that diabetes imposes an economic burden of approximately $245 billion (USD) in the United States alone and approximately $727 billion (USD) internationally.

The disease’s prevention and high cost provide additional justification for raising awareness about it and commemorating the birth of the man who contributed to the development of insulin as an effective treatment.

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World Diabetes Day 2023 Activities

Put on the blue circle.

The blue circle logo represents diabetes awareness on a global scale. Wear or construct a T-shirt, necklace, or bracelet bearing the logo on World Diabetes Day to raise awareness about this perilous disease and its consequences.

Put together a diabetes expo

Collaborate with health authorities to provide sponsorship for a diabetes exhibition within your locality or place of employment. Provide diabetes examinations, information and brochure distribution, and guidance on lifestyle choices and preventative measures for type II diabetes.

Take a test

Diabetes is characterized by a range of symptoms, including but not limited to excessive urine output, thirst, persistent appetite, weight loss, visual impairments, and fatigue. Furthermore, there is a substantial correlation between overweight or obesity and the development of type II diabetes. An estimated one in every two adults suffers from undiagnosed diabetes. Remind yourself to get examined on World Diabetes Day if you have any risk factors or symptoms.


Year Date Day
2023 November 14 Tuesday
2024 November 14 Thursday
2025 November 14 Friday
2026 November 14 Saturday
2027 November 14 Sunday