Video: Xiaomi may launch three-panel foldable smartphone soon

Video: Xiaomi may launch three-panel foldable smartphone soon

In 2018 we have been introduced to the first foldable smartphone by a Chinese smartphone company the Royole, naming the phone as FlexPai. After that Samsung showcased their own version of foldable smartphones called Samsun Galaxy Flex or F series. The concept of both the phones is however different than each other.

Now we have Xiaomi to compete with them which has been working on the concept of folding smartphone since 2016 and is expected to launch their new smartphone soon. A video has gone viral showcasing a tablet-cum-smartphone by the reputable technology leaker, Evan Blass.

Evan Blass tweeted the video and wrote, “Can’t speak to the authenticity of this video or device, but it’s allegedly made by Xiaomi, I’m told. A hot new phone, or gadget porn deep fake?” So as per his caption, it is not confirmed that the smartphone shown in the video is owned by Xiaomi or not, however, it runs on the MIUI 10 operating system which is developed by Xiaomi.

The phone as seen in the video is a 3-panel foldable device, which is a very unique feature so far. The transitions and conversions from tablet form to the compact form seem to be very smooth and no lagging have been noticed.

If we compare the smartphone from the video to the Royole FlexPai then we will notice that Flexpai’s software lags during the conversion from tablet to compact phone and vice versa but there is no such software problem detected in the 20-second video posted by Blass.

We hope to see some foldable phones to be launched soon in our markets as it doesn’t take time for rumours to become reality in some cases.

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