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3 Easy Corn Recipes to Prepare at Home

Corn, well-known for being the ideal snack food, has a number of health advantages

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Easy Corn Recipes: Who wouldn’t enjoy eating maize? Consider making these simple maize recipes at home. Our hearts constantly ache for some spicy boiled corn when it rains. Whether it’s spicy or sweet corn, they provide the ideal flavour for your rumbling stomach. Corn, well-known for being the ideal snack food, has a number of health advantages, including the ability to prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Thus, we presented a few simple maize recipes that you may make at home.

3 Easy Corn Recipes to Prepare at Home

Crispy corn paneer dosa made with ease

You can’t say no to this delicious meal, we bet. You can never go wrong with dosas. It’s quite simple to prepare the dish. To make the masala, add the tomatoes and onions after the paneer and corn have been cooked thoroughly. As much salt and chilli powder as you like should be added. Now, spread a lovely, crispy dosa filled with a mixture of corn and paneer using the batter. Serve it with some spicy chutney and sambar.

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Sweet Corn Salad

It’s the simplest recipe ever, and it tastes great too. Standard components like onions, tomatoes, chat masala and sweet corn are needed for this recipe. Pick and thoroughly wash the fragile maize kernels. It’s time to bring the corn to a boil in fresh water now. After letting it cool, add the necessary amounts of cumin powder, chaat masala, chilli powder, and salt. Next, incorporate diced onions, tomatoes, a couple of lemon juice droplets, and cilantro leaves. Mix everything together until fully combined, then serve in a dish for a delicious, rainy snack.

Corn Pakoda

Without a doubt, everyone’s favourite snack on rainy days is pakodas. It doesn’t take up a lot of your time. The initial task is to harvest the maize and process it in a mixer no more than three times. Move it to a bowl and mix with rice flour, salt, cumin besan powder, garam masala, onions, and chillies. For the pakoda dough, thoroughly mix them. Next, add oil and heat the pan. Let it get hot enough to fry the dough for pakodas. Make sure to cook on medium heat before placing them in the serving basin. It adds the most delicious flavour and incredible components. It’s time for a quick rainy snack!