Gujarat migrants’ exodus: Politics amid plight of poor workers
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Attack on migrants: Bihar, Gujarat economy to get a bolt if migration continues

The migration of people of Bihar from Gujarat amid the violence and hatred is seen as a huge damage to the economy of both the states. According to experts’ speculations, if the migration continues, the economy of both the stats, Bihar and Gujarat is expected to get a bolt from the blue. Gujarat tops the list of states which became developed on the strength of cheap labours.

Now if the people of Bihar continue to flee away from the cost of labour in Gujarat will increase manifold. At the same time, Bihar which has been suffering from distress migrations for several decades will lose its per capita income. The flow of external income will also drop down drastically in Bihar.

70 lakh workers non-Gujarati

According to experts in Assocham, Bihari workers are working in more than one crore factories in Gujarat and many are working in unorganized sectors apart from the factories. Total 70 lakh non-Gujarati laborers are employed in more than one crore factories in Gujarat.

Out of which, around five lakh laborers are from Bihar and the Northeast. According to analysts, the number of laborers in Bihar is estimated to be three lakhs.

If every worker among these five lakh laborers would send five thousand rupees per month to his native place, even then about 15 billion rupees per month comes to Bihar. 

According to experts, these funds are currently restoring Bihar’s economy and the luminosity of the market. If the migrations in Gujarat do not stop, the burden on agriculture can also increase. Since, the migrants are mostly the people who do not have their own farming in Bihar and had migrated out of no choice of better employment in their native place.

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Expert View on migration

The direct impact of migrant laborers will be on both the states. It is certain that the pace of growth of industries of Gujarat is going down. Indeed, Bihar’s cheap labor has its economy on its own. Bihari laborers are feeling safe after returning home. But the truth is that it requires work to run your family. In such a situation, our government should also improve the industrial infrastructure.

The search of Rosi – Roti in the midst of unrest

Call it helplessness or dare, many people are still going to Gujarat in search of Rosi and Roti from Bihar. They say that we work in such districts, where the fire of unrest does not flare up.

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