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BBC Planet Earth II: A dozen razer snakes chase baby iguana in this incredible footage

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BBC’s Planet Earth II took 10 years to make, and anyone who’s seen the trailer would know why. The nature documentary series has breathtakingly beautiful footage of flora and fauna in its absolute glory.

The sequel to the highly successful Planet Earth television series has now taken over the mantle of being the most expensive documentary series ever made from its predecessor. In order to take its sequel to the next level, BBC has announced that it will be its first documentary which will be produced in Ultra-High Definition, according to this Digital Spy report.

While the animated David Attenborough returns as the narrator of the series, the makers have also roped in celebrated music composer Hans Zimmer to produce the background score. The sequel will not limit itself to the wild but will extend its scope to the urban areas where animals coexist with humans peacefully. However, the focus will not be on the man vs. beast conflict but on how the fauna have adapted to the urban landscape and manage to survive braving all odds.

In a small teaser footage released to worldwide audiences, the series shows the excitement that prevails in everyday nature.

It is the stuff of nightmares for every person with even the slightest of snake phobias. Filmed on the Galápagos Islands, it shows a hatchling iguana fleeing for its life from, first one, then an entire army of racer snakes.
The scene, which has astounded critics and social media users alike, is something that can only be viewed and not explained –