Bengaluru Police' Twitter account asks people to share their peddler's number!
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Bengaluru Police’ Twitter account asks people to share their peddler’s number!

On Wednesday, Bengaluru Police, in a tweet which went viral on the internet, took a dig on the drug circuit of the city. the Bengaluru Police tweeted, “Is your peddler not picking your calls? Drop his number here and we’ll make sure all the scores are settled.”

The tweet did not go well among the netizens who rather fired bribery accusations against the Police itself.

A user with handle @RitwikGoel said, “Any news on legalisation? Oh right you won’t get bribes from peddlers so that’s def a no. Can’t afford to lose 80% of your income can you?”

Another user @nfuel900 accused traffic cops of Indiranagar of bribing.

A week ago, the internet world went crazy when Twitter‘s official handle shared an empty tweet!

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