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Best 5 Free Tools to Turn a Photo Into a Line Drawing Online: Creative Transformations

Much of the effect is due to the fact that the artwork was created by hand, with a pencil or charcoal,

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Best 5 Free Tools to Turn a Photo Into a Line Drawing Online
Best 5 Free Tools to Turn a Photo Into a Line Drawing Online

Best 5 Free Tools to Turn a Photo Into a Line Drawing Online: As a form of art, there is something about sketches and line drawings that immediately catches our attention. Much of the effect is due to the fact that the artwork was created by hand, with a pencil or charcoal, so that even minute smudges and cracks appear to intimately depict the subject. Nevertheless, it is a skill that requires considerable practice and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This does not prevent you, however, from transforming your digital photographs into outlines and line drawings for diversion.

  • Turning a digital image into line drawings is a cinch with free online converter tools.
  • The best ones include the likes of Fotor, Lunapic, AI Draw, TechLagoon, and Snapstouch.

Numerous free online tools can convert any digital image into a line drawing. In this guide, we investigate the programmes that make the best use of the line drawing feature and generate results that could pass as designs. Let’s commence.

Five free online tools for converting photographs to line drawings

Here are the five best free online tools for transforming digital photographs into line drawings and sketches that look and feel identical to the originals.

1. Fotor

Fotor is one of the best online photo to line drawing converters, primarily because the resulting sketches look so professional. To begin using, registration on the website is required.

Once you are logged in, you can upload your image and select an effect. It provides five distinct sketch effects: Pencil Drawing, Artist’s sketch, Ink Art, Sketch, and Sketch 2. We suggest generating a line drawing for each and then cycling through them to determine which one you prefer.

You also have the option to adjust the effect’s intensity. If you like an effect but believe it is excessive, merely adjust the intensity slider. A small compare button next to it allows you to view the before-and-after effect, and a download button allows you to easily save the line-drawn image to your device.

Fotor is primarily a complimentary service. However, every image will have a large ‘Powered by GoArt’ watermark in the bottom left corner, which can spoil the entire image and is only removable with the purchase of a Fotor Pro or Fotor Pro+ plan.


Rapidly cycle through multiple effects
Option to adjust effect’s potency
Rapid, hassle-free download


Registration is required to use Fotor. Watermarks can only be removed by purchasing a Fotor plan.

2. LunaPic

LunaPic is the premier photo-to-line drawing converter. There are several dozen sketch effects to choose from, all the necessary drawing tools to add various elements to line drawings, and a variety of saving and sharing options. It is also completely free and does not add a watermark to the images.

As soon as you select an effect, it will take a moment or two before the line-drawing effect is generated, making it difficult to rapidly compare the different effects. To all other intents and purposes, it does an excellent job of applying the effects and providing sufficient customization options for the sketch effects.


Absolutely gratis
A range of drafting instruments
a variety of sketch and line drawing results
Multiple saving and sharing choices


unable to compare effects rapidly

3. AI Draw Tokyo

AI Draw distinguishes itself from conventional photo-to-line converters. In lieu of the traditional sketch effects, the subject is captured by drawing overlapping, wavy lines, a popular Japanese art form.

It may not be the identical sketch-like line drawings that some users desire. However, this effect is unavailable on other instruments of this type. Moreover, witnessing AI draw these lines in real time is quite entertaining.

Not even faintly capturing the background is a significant flaw of this artistic style. But if you’re interested in obtaining sharp line drawings of the subject and experimenting with new sketch art forms, then you should try out this instrument. Its ‘Pro Mode’ (free advanced settings) provides control over additional elements such as shading, contours, pen and canvas settings, and depth.


Free to utilise
Exceptional line sketching effect
Observe the AI’s recreation in real time.
Pro Mode contains numerous sophisticated parameters.


Not depict the scenery

4. Snapstouch

Snapstouch is a magnificent image-to-line drawing converter that would have ranked much higher on this list if it allowed for the upload of files larger than 3 MB. Nevertheless, it has a number of distinguishing features.

All of its main line drawing templates are segregated into tabs labelled Sketch, Pencil Sketch, Painting, Drawing, Outline, Canvas, and Colour Effect, and each of these has a unique set of customization options that generate vastly different outcomes. Depending on your image, whether it is a close-up portrait of a subject or a vast, expansive landscape, you can utilise the options of one or more templates to determine which one suits it best.

In this regard, the inability to compare the original to the line drawings is a glaring omission. Snapstouch would have been the ideal free image-to-line-drawing converter if not for these minor issues. Nevertheless, if your images are not too large and you don’t mind manually aligning them side by side for comparison, this is a tool you should not overlook.


seven distinct line art templates
Absolutely no cost Incredible line drawing effects


Uploads are limited to 3 MB
Not possible to compare originals and line drawings

5. TechLagoon’s Image to the Forefront

The Image to Edge utility by TechLagoon is exactly what one would expect from a free image to line drawing converter. As with the majority of similar online tools, you only need to submit your image and select the ‘Convert’ button to convert your images into sketches.

The suggested default parameters are optimal for the majority of images. On the other hand, if you wish to experiment with various line types, modify the pen pressure to soften or emphasise the strokes, or reduce the noise in the final output, you will find all of these options on the same page.

The free software can take a while to convert images to designs, but the results are well worth the delay. There is also a convenient ‘Before’ and ‘After’ tab for comparing the original and converted line drawing.


Before and After dividers for free image comparison


limited adjustment possibilities

In addition to online tools, there are a few free applications that convert images to sketches. Full-fledged apps offer the same functionality as their web-based counterparts, but frequently have additional effects and customization options. Obviously, they must first be installed on your computer or mobile device. If that’s not what you’re looking for, then the products on our list should suffice.

Which tool for converting images to lines should you use?

Certain tools will perform better than others depending on the image, what you intend to do with it, and the options available to help you accomplish your goal.

If you’re looking for a versatile converter that will work in the majority of situations, Fotor is our top recommendation. Try AI Draw Tokyo’s if you’re looking for something a little more experimental that will set your images apart from the rest.

If you desire a plethora of options and personalization, Snapstouch’s and LunaPic’s diverse templates are for you.


Here are some frequently inquired questions regarding online tools that convert digital photographs to line drawings.

How can I convert an image into a free line drawing?

Aside from web-based tools, there are a few mobile applications that can convert any digital image into a line drawing, such as BeFunky and Prisma, which have all the fundamental effects and more to preserve the image as a sketch.

How can I convert an online image into an illustration for free?

There are many online tools that convert digital images to illustrations and line drawings. Refer to the guide above to determine which format is best for you, then upload your image and select Convert. The majority of them will provide quite a few adjustment options for the converted image.

These are our top five free online tools for transforming digital images into line drawings and sketches. They are entertaining to use and can generate results that can be readily shared on social media. Then why are you still waiting? Get a drawing today!