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Bihar’s susashan at knees with folded hands begging to criminals

“With folded hands, I appeal the criminals to refrain from criminal activities during the ‘Pitra Paksha’

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Bihar’s susashan at knees with folded hands begging to criminals
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With folded hands, I request, criminals to give up their activities during the pinddaan period”, said Bihar’s deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi at the annual inauguration of “Pitripaksha Mela” in Gaya district of Bihar. Adding further to it he said, You go on doing as you wish at other times and keep the police on their toes, but during these 15-16 days of religious festivities, do not indulge in any activity that tarnishes the image of Bihar, brings a bad name to the holy town of Gaya and gives the visitors a reason to complain.”

The chest-thumping attitude of Bihar’s ruling party leaders on the question of law and order seems to have vanished suddenly. Such a helpless view of the government has become a day to day episode. A day before this statement of deputy CM, ex-mayor of Muzaffarpur was shot dead. In this murder, AK-47 was reported as the main weapon. A week ago, sharpshooter of don-turned-politician, Mohammad Shahabuddin, Tabrez Alam was shot gunned down with an AK-47 rifle.

RULE OF AK-47 RIFLES– Since last year reports on increasing use of AK-47s for murders alarmed the Bihar police. According to a police officer, criminals in Patna, Bhojpur, Vaishali, Saran, Sitamarhi, Darbhanga and a few other districts, possess AK-47 rifle. Police also suspect a large inflow of AK-47s into Bihar. They cite the case of Munger where police seized as many as 8 AK-47 rifles. Later after arrest of the supplier, it was known that total 67 AK-47s in Munger alone were supplied procured from Jabalpur.

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Munger’s past says it was a den of arms factories as its villages- Bara-Maksaspur, Bardha, Baisar and Daulatpur had thousands of people working in these factories but then with police pressure and regular patrolling, they shifted base to Bengal and others parts. Criminals use the weapon for impact and 100 per cent results that a country made pistol cannot provide, probably remains the sole aim behind its use. Recent incidents since last year depict an opposite picture of the rampant use of automatic rifles. This frequent use of an automatic rifle in  Here for a moment, we must be compelled to think what, Bihar’s opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav reiterated in his tweet which clearly meant- seeing the rise in crime with use of AK-47 rifles, it seems the automatic rifle is more in hands of criminals than police.

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As per Bihar Police own figures, crime in Bihar are up by 20%, rapes up 23% under JDU-BJP Govt. In the 11 months from August 2017 to June 2018, Bihar Police registered 2.31 lakh criminal incidents. Of these, 1,278 cases are related to rape and 2,722 murders. Muzaffarpur shelter homes heinous crime was an addition to government’s accountability on law and order. Several cases of molestation from different parts of Bihar has been constantly surfacing public domain in last 4-5 months, prove the eroding character of governance. In 2015, after the landslide victory of Mahagathbandhan, the BJP with its supporters launched an attack on the Mahagathbandhan by whipping up fears of the return of Jungle Raj, an epithet for the massive lawlessness and uncontrolled crimes. But the table unexpectedly turned against BJP when it shares power with JDU, ruling Bihar. Nitish Kumar’s image of “Vikas-Purush” has now faded completely.

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The political bandwagon of “Jungle-Raj” on which JDU-BJP rode to power in 2005 and again in 2017 was for political mileage to retain power.  Let us keep no confusion that skyrocketing figures of crime are combo pack of deadly threat for Bihar which is accelerating it backwards particularly in terms of law and order in regime of JDU and BJP where the deputy chief minister of the government is habituated to fold hands and plea criminals not to do crime; where the criminals are given condition to commit crime. This helplessness of Nitish Kumar’s government fits best on words of poet Dushyant Kumar, Chaaku ki pasliyon se guzarish toh dekhiye….