Congress to take part in J&K panchayat elections

BJP trying to adopt our leaders, rewrite history, says Congress

Hitting out at BJP for creating controversy over Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Congress on Tuesday said that ” BJP was trying to adopt party leaders and rewrite history”.

“This business of trying to adopt Congress leaders is a clear indication and admission by the BJP that their participation in the freedom struggle was not only missing but is totally out of context, ” said Congress spokesperson Tom Vadakkan.

“They are now trying to adopt Congress leaders and trying to rewrite history,” he added.

In a veiled attack on Congress and its previous governments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that some political parties and governments tried to obliterate Sardar Patel’s name from history books or tried to diminish his stature by ignoring his contribution in unifying the country after independence.

Vadakkan also said: “What did Sardar Patel do and who did he ban, these are issues that are in public domain. He is a Congressman, will remain in the hearts of people.”

“We do not need certificates from anybody to celebrate our leaders. Our leaders have been there and they are Congress leaders. Let there be no misunderstanding about it,” he added.




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