Breastfeeding mother chooses to cover face when told by man to ‘cover up’

Breastfeeding mother chooses to cover face when told by man to ‘cover up’

While people still celebrating the World Breastfeeding celebrations, a Texas mother, while breastfeeding her 3-month-child, was asked by a man to ‘cover-up’, to which, the clever mother gave a hilarious response by choosing to put a cloth on her face instead.

While dining with her family on vacation, Melanie Dudley began to breastfeeding her child in a corner of the establishment when a man walked up to her and criticised her for nursing in the public.

After initially feeling kind of stunned by the interaction, Dudley thought of a humorous way to acquiesce to the man’s request. She placed the nursing cover on her head.

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Given that August is marked for International breastfeeding celebration, the photo of the moment, taken by family members, posted on Facebook recently, went viral and garlanded surprising support. The photo has been shared over 200,000 times since July 31.

Last year, a mom from Washington also took a literal approach to covering up when she was asked to do so while breastfeeding at a McDonald’s.

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