Burari mass death case: Post-mortem report confirms suicide by 10, 1 still under mystery
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Burari mass death case: Post-mortem report confirms suicide by 10, 1 still under mystery

Latest development in the mysterious Burari mass death case is the post-mortem report of 10 people of the family, which has confirmed that they committed suicide by hanging. However, the autopsy report of Narayani Devi, the head of the family, who was found dead in another room, is yet to come as doctors have differed over the cause of her death.

Out of the eleven Bhatia family members, who were found dead inside their house in north Delhi’s Burari on July 1 under mysterious circumstance, ten post-mortem reports suggest that the cause of death was due to hanging and ante-mortem injuries. However, the doctors in the panel are yet to conclude cause of death of the senior citizen despite the case going into its eleventh day.

On Tuesday, a team of doctors revisited the crime spot to gather more evidence to ascertain the real cause of death. The doctors’ team will give their final opinion on the eleventh death in a few days.

Many theories in this mysterious and alleged ‘mass suicide’ have cropped up and the police are investigating this as a murder case.

Adding to the mystery behind the mass suicide, an anonymous letter received by the Delhi Police claimed that the deceased family used to visit one ‘dadhi wale’ baba. The police is yet to verify the details mentioned in the letter.

Recently, a tantric Geeta Maa was detained and interrogated by police following her confession claiming her role in the death of 11. She had remarked that she pushed the family to commit suicide.

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The Burari death case was first reported on Sunday July 1, after the bodies of 10 family members were found hanging in their house at 7:30am. The eldest among the deceased, Narayani Devi, was found dead lying on the floor in the adjacent room.

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