Congress officially distances itself from Tahseen Poonawalla
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Congress officially distances itself from Tahseen Poonawalla

In a press release published on September 13, by Anoop George Chaudhari from the AICC legal cell, it was clarified that Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party has curiously distanced itself from its own most vocal supporter and former media cell leader Tehseen Poonawalla, and has nothing to do with the PIL filed by Poonawalla over the Rafale issue.

The press release stated that Poonawalla’s PIL seeks for the disclosure of the renegotiated price of the Rafale deal and the party explicitly denied any involvement in the PIL as it has been filed on Poonawalla’s individual capacity.

The press release goes further mentioned that Congress party thinks that the apex court is not the forum for raising such issues. The letter concluded by reasserting that the party in no way can be linked to Poonawalla or his PIL.

What is to be noticed here is that Poonawalla had filed a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking the disclosure of the renegotiated Rafale deal in March this year. While the Congress party has been going against the Modi government with all guns blazing over the Rafale deal, the abrupt announcement of distancing itself from Poonawalla’s PIL is being questioned by many on social media.

People have questioned whether the party is distancing itself because its own hidden dealings while negotiating the old Rafale deal will tumble out details are brought out.

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