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European Day for Victims of Crime 2024: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts

European Day for Victims of Crime 2024, observed annually on February 22, raises awareness about security issues affecting 15% of the European population, including those in their communities.

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European Day for Victims of Crime 2024 History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About crime on a global scale

European Day for Victims of Crime 2024: European Day for Crime Victims is observed annually on February 22. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness regarding pertinent security issues. Annually, around 15% of the European population is subjected to severe assault, trauma, and abuse. Even though the figures pertain to Europe, we must not forget that these tales also exist in our communities.

A pervasive culture of reticence and the alarming misunderstanding that these things only occur to “others” and not to ourselves exacerbate the issue. We join Europe today in acknowledging and providing assistance to victims of crime across the globe. European Day for Victims of Crime provides the impetus necessary to prevent the justice system from causing additional distress to individuals who are already afflicted.

The History of European Day for Crime Victims

The organization that commemorates and advocates for the rights of crime victims, Victim Support Europe (V.S.E.), established the European Day for Victims of Crime. V.S.E. is comprised of 61 victim support institutions hailing from 31 European nations. Collectively, they advocate for victims of crime, irrespective of the nature of the offense or the identity of the victim.

An estimated 75 million individuals are victims of crime in Europe. Unfortunately, although access to justice ought to be a given, it is more often the exception than the rule. Regardless of location—Europe or any other region—the very structures that are intended to safeguard us frequently prove inadequate. Individuals who have experienced mental, physical, or both forms of maltreatment contend with the idiom “due process.” The reason why the law exacerbates their trauma is incomprehensible to all. The majority of crime victims’ fundamental rights are violated when they report incidents. Furthermore, victim humiliation is widespread. To the extent that numerous individuals opt not to disclose their whereabouts. Additionally, the dread of retaliation hinders a great number of individuals from pursuing justice.

The purpose of European Day for Crime Victims is to remedy this. The European Union member states reaffirm their dedication to ensuring justice for all individuals today. All individuals are entitled to a secure setting in which to report offenses and seek justice. The focus of the V.S.E. is on potentially more vulnerable groups, including infants, women, youth, and individuals with disabilities. These collectives advocate for individuals who might encounter greater challenges when attempting to exercise their basic rights. With less autonomy, the likelihood of receiving or soliciting assistance is virtually nonexistent. The primary objective of the V.S.E. is to facilitate universal access to the justice system by offering assistance, guidance, and safeguards.

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FAQs regarding European Day for Crime Victims

Who assists criminal victims?

Most countries’ legal systems provide a wide range of avenues for people who have been the victims of crime to seek assistance. Government agencies, charitable organizations, and private non-profits operate support programs throughout the United States.

What do victims require following a crime?

In addition to security and access to justice, crime victims require assistance with life reconstruction.

What is the definition of a victim of crime?

As a result of a crime, accident, or other occurrence, a victim of a crime has suffered damage or injury. Any action that results in physical, emotional, or monetary detriment to an individual is classified as a “crime.”

European Day for Victims of Crime 2024 Activities

Discuss the matter.

Utilize social media to promote the day’s awareness. Post, tweet, and interact with pertinent pages.

Determine how you can be of assistance.

Apathy results from the conviction that something cannot occur to us. However, you would be surprised at how nearby these objects can sometimes seem. Do you believe that a member of your community, family, or neighborhood requires assistance? Determine how to reach out.

Donate to or volunteer with a local charity

Donate your time or resources to organizations performing commendable humanitarian work. Active participation on the ground can be enlightening and, on numerous occasions, transformative.

Five facts about crime on a global scale

The camp with the greatest number of inmates

The United States is home to approximately 2.2 million inmates, representing over 20% of the global penitentiary population.

Criminal activity is a huge business.

An estimated $47 billion is the yearly expense of organized crime in the United Kingdom, according to a report published in 2009.

There are more male inmates.

Research indicates that male inmates outnumber their female counterparts by approximately 21 to 1 on a global scale.

It is a long-standing enterprise.

The term ‘criminal’ has been in use in the English language since the 1400s, indicating that illicit activity has existed for millennia.

The most violent metropolis in Africa

According to estimates, Rustenburg, situated in South Africa, has the highest crime rate of any metropolis in Africa, at approximately 86%.


Year Date Day
2024 February 22 Thursday
2025 February 22 Saturday
2026 February 22 Sunday
2027 February 22 Monday
2028 February 22 Tuesday