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First public hearing held for Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway

Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) conducted the first public hearing discussing the agenda of the Maharashtra Samruddhi Corridor (MSC) in Nagpur on Tuesday.  The meeting was conducted after orders issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The hearing concerned the 89-km stretch between Nagpur and Wardha. In this area, out of the total of 520.04 hectares of land,  49.22 hectares being forestland which spreads across 21 villages in Nagpur district and 34 villages in Wardha district.

MSRDC would ensure that the environment is not affected in the process of constructing roads are to begin. Responding to the concerns raised by farmers, Additional Collector K N K Rao said, “The state government has assured that the issues regarding land acquisition through land pooling etc, industrial concerns and agricultural and environmental concerns will be addressed.”

“Connector and interchange pattern would be considered for the land and there are no ecologically sensitive areas in 15 km of project land. Efforts will be taken to see to it that environment is not affected while constructing the road,”

said U J Dabe, Superintending Engineer, MSRDC.

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