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Five unknown secrets of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan

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Did you know few unknown secrets about Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan
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Successful stars like Shah Rukh Khan are considered to be an open book to their fans and critics. So is King Khan expected and believed to be. Although almost all about him is already somewhere or the other in media, there are few things that are not known to all. Even Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t prefer to talk about those topics.

A Quora user believes to be knowing those facts.

“I have been interacting with Shah Rukh Khan intermittently through the course of my career. I know some of his dark secrets. I would call them dark because he chooses not to talk about it. These secrets are not hidden but he avoids discussing them in public,” says Saumyadipta Banerjee.

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Here are the few of the facts that has been shared on Quora:

1.       Shah Rukh Khan’s elder sister lives with him. She hardly makes a public appearance. Shah Rukh and Gauri take care of her. Her name is Shahnaz Lala Rukh Khan and she is a lovely lady who dotes on SRK.

2.       Shah Rukh Khan’s father died of oral cancer. He had a blister in his mouth which later appeared as cancer. His father was a very good man and a lot of people took advantage of him.

3.       Shah Rukh believes in numerology. All his phones numbers (he, his close staff and family) and his car number plates have a particular combination of five and eight. He won’t use any other combination of numbers. If you find any high-end car near Bandra West (in Mumbai) with a 555 number plate then there is a good chance that the car belongs to Shah Rukh Khan.

4.       Shah Rukh doesn’t use soap (I distinctly remember him telling me this while talking to me a long time back). He spends a lot of time in the bathroom, sometimes two hours at a stretch. He sings in the bathroom too. By the way, Shah Rukh Khan is a terrible singer. He remembers his lyrics well but he doesn’t have sur in his voice 🙂

5.       Shah Rukh doesn’t like taking his clothes off in front of people. Maybe, that is why you will never find him taking a swim in his own swimming pool at Mannat Extension. He is basically a very shy guy. You will notice that Shah Rukh is always uncomfortable when a movie scene requires him to take his shirt off. Do you remember seeing Shah Rukh in a swimming costume? Not yet, ain’t it? He is like that. 🙂

With an excerpt from Quora

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