Google just released "Year in Search" and YES! its better than YouTube Trash Rewind
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Google just released “Year in Search” and YES! its better than YouTube Trash Rewind

Your YouTube feed suggested YouTube Rewind 2018 and you got all excited for the nostalgia that was about to hit you but it actually sent you in a headache. At least that was the case with me.

While there is another good news that stayed good, actually it got better! Google just released the video for Year In Search and its worth your time.

Google’s film will take you in what you’d feel like, an altogether different time period. It will touch your nerves, sending you to a state of mixed emotions. A few times your mouth corners would turn up for the little trails of happiness we witnessed, the underdogs’ achievements. The video also includes unfortunate events we faced this year. In the end, the background score used in the 120-second movie will remain in your mind for time to come.

The video titled “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” that was released on December 6 has already gained 9.6 Million thumps, 0.2 Million short of the most disliked video on YouTube Justin Bieber’s shot to fame title Baby.

It received huge flak for its unimaginative creation and Will Smith’s heading of the video. The poorly made mammoth 8 minutes 13-second film was filled with loud colours and utterly disgraceful graphics. It missed out on bigger issues that embraced YouTube this year, like PewDieDew Vs T-Series battle. If you haven’t watched the video, we strictly recommend you not to.

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