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CES 2020: Best tech to buy this year

CES 2020: Best tech gadget to buy this year

Samsung showcased the Galaxy Chromebook at CES 2020 and it might just be the best Chrome OS machine ever made. It completely rivals the premium Google Pixelbook, with its 13.3-inch 4K AMOLED screen, Intel 10th-gen Core-i5 processor, and 2-in-1 build that allows it to function as either a laptop or a tablet

Did Twitter delete India Today' account?

Did Twitter delete India Today’ account?

On Thursday people on Twitter discovered that the handle of the media company, India Today was nowhere to be found. When one looked for user @IndiaToday, an empty search result appeared. Various Twitterati took the notice. Where did the @IndiaToday Twitter handle disappear? pic.twitter.com/jksVdWOxRw — Sohini Guharoy (@sohinigr) February 7,[Read More…]

Apple paid $120 billion to app developers since 2008

According to the Cupertino-based iPhone maker, app developers earned more than a quarter of that money in the past year alone. “The App Store is the new digital main street, and creative developers are tapping into the vast potential of the global app economy,” said Esther Hare, Apple’s Senior Director,[Read More…]

“Data is the new oil”, Jio founder Mukesh Ambani’s veiled attack on Facebook, Google

Speaking at Vibrant Gujarat Summit on Friday, Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani raised his concerns on data colonisations by the global companies. Ambani said, “Gandhi ji led India’s movement against political colonisation, today we have to collectively launch a new movement against data colonisation.” “In this data[Read More…]

This is how Apple iPhone XI could look like!

The rumours of the release of iPhone 2019 have started to come. In the latest, Digit.in, a technology website in partnership with Oneleaks has claimed to share the renders of the iPhone XI version of Apple’s premier mobile phone series. In the images shared, it can be seen that the 2019[Read More…]

No April Fools’ Day pranks for Microsoft employees, company issues memo

Microsoft is giving $10 gift cards in their newsletter emails

Have you been recently ignoring Microsoft’s newsletters? According to Redditers, you shouldn’t as the tech giant has been sending out gift coupons in their emails. Apparently, Microsoft has been hiding the coupons in their emails since Black Friday. Back then you could have clicked the blue squirrel to receive the gift[Read More…]

Malayali teen owns an IT company in Dubai

Malayali teen owns an IT company in Dubai

A 13-year-old Indian kid who developed mobile applications before even turning 10 owns a software company in Dubai, said a media report on Sunday. Aadithyan Rajesh, a Malayali, started app creation as a hobby to defeat boredom. Rajesh has been designing websites and logos side-by-side for clients. Rajesh started using a[Read More…]

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