Gujarat: Woman lodges FIR after husband found ‘not Brahmin’
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Gujarat: Woman lodges FIR after husband found ‘not Brahmin’

A 23 year old woman, resident of Adivada village of Bechraji taluka of Mehsana, filed a complaint against her husband stating that he had hidden his caste and got married with her claiming to be Brahmin.

Ekta Patel, the complainant, made a complaint of criminal breach of trust against her husband, stating that she got married to a man on April 23 after he told her that his surname is Mehta and he is a Brahmin. But later when they went to register their marriage the woman came to know that her husband’s surname was Khamar and he was no Brahmin.

As per the reports, the woman started working as an accountant at a gas agency. Meanwhile, she came into contact with owner Jyotsna Mehta’s son Yash who told that his family was Brahmin. Over the time, the two fell in love following which they tied the knots.

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“I decided to get married to him because he was also a Savarna (upper caste) like me. On April 23 this year, we got married according to the Hindu rituals in Khanpur. Later, we got registered our marriage at the marriage registrar at AMC’s Shahpur office. “After we got settled at our house, I came to know one day that Yash’s surname was Khamar. I also enquired about the surname Khamar and found that it was not a Brahmin surname. Yash had hidden his caste and breached my trust as he lied to me that he was Brahmin,” said Ekta.

When assured of the cheat, Ekta told her parents about the matter who accompanied her to the police station and lodged a complaint against Khamar.

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