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Hug a G.I. Day 2024 (US): Activities and Dates

March 4 is National G.I. Day 2024, honoring servicemen and women in the US military since 1940. It's a day to express appreciation for their contributions.

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Hug a G.I. Day 2024 (US) Activities and Dates

Hug a G.I. Day 2024 (US): March 4 is the only day on the calendar that also functions as a military command—march forth!—so it is fitting that we observe National G.I. Day on this date in honor of the servicemen and servicewomen in our lives. Since 1940, individuals serving in the United States military, encompassing the Army, Air Forces, and Marines, have been referred to as G.I.s. On this day, we extend a heartfelt appreciation, whether in a figurative or literal sense, for all that they have done for us.

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Hug a G.I. Day 2024 (US) Activities

“G.I.” embrace (or extend a salutation)

If you are fortunate enough to know a G.I., express your gratitude by giving them an embrace. If you do not have a close acquaintance or family member serving, greet servicemen and servicewomen you encounter in the field with a friendly handshake and, if you are inclined, extend a hug.

Transmit a care gift

As an expression of sincerity, send a tray of delectables to the G.I.s in your life; it can be likened to a warm embrace. Handwritten letters, playing cards, refreshments, and toiletries are frequently requested items. Numerous non-profit organizations can assist you in sending a delivery to a soldier in need if you do not know any G.I.s.

Express your virtual gratitude

Internet usage facilitates communication with G.I.s. Create and share your post, follow the #NationalHugaGIDay hashtag on Twitter or Facebook to discover events and celebrations in your area, or send an email expressing gratitude to a G.I. you know and respect.


Year Date Day
2024 March 4 Monday
2025 March 4 Tuesday
2026 March 4 Wednesday
2027 March 4 Thursday
2028 March 4 Saturday