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International Dance Day 2023: Date, History, Activities and Facts

Humans simply adore dance. It brings us together regardless of whether we are on the dance floor or observing a professional performance. Dancing is thrilling and remarkable. Let's celebrate the globe of dance together today!

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International Dance Day 2023: Date, History, Activities and Facts

International Dance Day 2023: International Dance Day is April 29, so throw on your dancing shoes and prepare to step out. Dancing is ubiquitous, existing in virtually every culture on earth. Humans simply adore dance. It brings us together regardless of whether we are on the dance floor or observing a professional performance. Dancing is thrilling and remarkable. Let’s celebrate the globe of dance together today!


Lindy hop, jitterbug, freestyle, tango, ballet, and other forms of dance are celebrated on April 29 as part of International Dance Day.


In 1982, the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) designated April 29 as International Dance Day to celebrate the extraordinary diversity and skill of dancers worldwide. This date was chosen because it is the birthdate of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the man credited with creating modern ballet.

This holiday was created by the International Theatre Institute to promote dance worldwide, raise public awareness of dance’s significance, and enable the dance community to advertise their work on a global scale. The hope is that governments and opinion leaders will recognise and support the value and significance of dance in all its forms. On top of all this, International Dance Day was established so that we can simply appreciate dance for what it is and spread the joy.

Each year, the ITI chooses a distinguished choreographer or dancer to pen the official holiday message. Their website provides the location of their annual gala as well as other worldwide events that are advertised.

Evidence of dance dating back 9,000 years has been discovered, and it has become a worldwide phenomenon. This holiday encourages individuals to honour their preferred dance style while also learning new ones. There are dance genres for individuals of all ages and rhythmic abilities, so you have no reason not to participate.


FIRST ON THE LIST OF AMERICA’S FAVOURITE DANCE STYLES IS HIP HOP (40%). Second, ballroom (13%) #3: Swing (13%) #4: Latin (e.g. samba, tango, etc.) (12%) #5: Oriental dance (7% #6: Ballet (5%) 7%: Traditional indigenous or folk dance (African, Irish, Chinese, etc.) #8: Tap (4%) #9: Bollywood (2%)

FULL RANKING OF AMERICA’S FAVOURITE DANCERS OF ALL TIME Michael Jackson ranks first (24 percent) #2: Channing Tatum (12%) Fred Astaire (9%) ranks third #4: Shakira (9%) #5: The Dancing With the Stars dancers (6%). #6: Beyonce (6 percent) #7: Gene Kelly (5 percent) #8: Paula Abdul (5%) #9: Chris Brown (4 percent) #10: Madonna (3%) #11: James Brown (2 percent) #12: Other (15%)

Number one on the list of America’s favourite dance films is Dirty Dancing (26%). #2: Footloose (13%) #3: Glycerin (13%) #4: Step Up (9%) #5: Happy Feet (7%) #6: Magic Mike (7%) #7: Reserving the Final Dance (6% #8: Saturday Night Fever (five percent) #9 West Side Story (5 percent #10: Flashdance (3 percent) 11. The Black Swan (3% #12 – Shall We Dance? #13: Billy Elliot (1 percent) #14: Centre Stage (1%)


On International Dance Day, the only significant custom is dancing, dancing, and more dancing! It’s probably the only day you can dance in the middle of the street like in the movies without being reprimanded. The prevailing mood of the day is to let loose and move to the rhythm of your favourite music.

Obviously, dance parties and dance competitions are extremely prevalent today, allowing everyone to feel like they are in the “Step Up” film. People with advanced dance skills dominate the dance floor, and some even demonstrate unique dance sequences that are no longer fashionable or from other cultures. People enthusiastically take advantage of dance studios’ attractive membership deals. Who can say? You could be the following Patrick Swayze!

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  • Only in the United Kingdom are 30,000 individuals employed in the dance industry.
  • There are 200 dance companies in the United Kingdom.
  • 80% of professional dancers have sustained at least one significant injury during their careers.
  • The cost of the most costly ballet slippers is $4,000.
  • 2-3 – the number of pairs of shoes worn per week by a ballerina.
  • Due to strenuous physical demand, most professional dancers retire in their 30s.
  • Following a career-ending injury, 93 percent of all dancers became dance instructors.
  • Michael Flatley is the world’s highest-paid dancer, with weekly profits of $1.8 million.
  • In 1996, 72,000 individuals congregated at an Ohio fair to perform the chicken dance.
  • 32 – the most fouettés (swift movements on one foot) performed by ballerina Pierina Legnani for “Swan Lake.”


Take a course

Have you attempted Tango before? What about dance from Zambia? What’s up with Lindy Hop? Perhaps you’re not much of a dancer, but don’t fear; beginner dance classes are very forgiving. Regardless of your level of expertise, today is the day to expand your horizons! Try a style of dance you have never attempted before.

Watch a show

Typically, dance performances feature stunning costumes, vibrant hues, and awe-inspiring settings. Since 1997, more than 100 million people have witnessed Lion King, the highest-grossing Broadway production. Even if you are unable to attend a live performance today, the website of the International Theatre Institute features videos of a variety of dance styles from around the globe.

Encourage youthful dancers

Very young children can start taking dance lessons. Those who appreciate it and stick with it reap numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness, increased self-confidence, enhanced ability to listen to and comprehend instructions, and strengthened willpower. Encourage your offspring to give dancing a try!

Five types of dance from around the globe


Ballet, which is frequently referred to as the foundation of dance, emphasises techniques that require a great deal of dedication to master.


In the 1980s, patterns known as breaking, popping, and locking helped bring hip-hop to the mainstream.


Salsa dancers create their signature hip movements by stepping while maintaining their upper body still and level.


This traditional South Indian solo dance has its origins in Hindu temples and dates back to 1000 BCE; it is typically performed by women to convey religious and spiritual concepts.

Zodiac Dance

A famous Chinese dance performed by performers holding a long, flexible dragon figure with poles; the longer the dragon, the more good fortune it is believed to bring to the community.


Confidence enhancer

Did you know that dancing increases self-esteem? Children aged 11 to 14 who participated in creative movement classes reported enhanced motivation and attitudes, according to a 2007 study. Boost your self-assurance and get into the flow.

Brain enhancer

Just five minutes of dancing can spark your imagination. In one study, dancers demonstrated improvements in both temperament and inventive problem-solving.

It’s an excellent workout

Dancing can aid in weight loss. Additionally, you will never become bored with your exercise. After mastering the fundamentals, there is a vast array of options.


Year Date Day
2023 April 29 Saturday
2024 April 29 Monday
2025 April 29 Tuesday
2026 April 29 Wednesday
2027 April 29 Thursday