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International Day Of The Seal 2023: Date, History and Facts

International Seal Day is celebrated on March 22. It is a day designated to raise global awareness about seal conservation.

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International Day Of The Seal 2023: International Seal Day is celebrated on March 22. It is a day designated to raise global awareness about seal conservation. It is also a day for us seal enthusiasts to celebrate this remarkable marine mammal. Seals are not only endearing and attractive, but also have a significant impact on the world today. Additionally, they are the most hunted marine mammal on the planet. These species are in imminent risk of extinction. As people capture them for food, blubber, and skins, they have always presented a significant threat to them. Consequently, this day is celebrated to emphasise the significance of conserving their population.


This holiday was instituted internationally in 1982. Since then, it has been celebrated annually on March 22. At the time, the total number of seal species was already declining. Humans were increasingly preying upon seals. The reason for this is that humans hunted seals for their fur, blubber, and flesh. In an effort to put an end to this savagery, the day was dubbed “Day of the Seal.” Congress of the United States enacted the holiday to promote awareness among Americans about the plight of seals. They developed a number of initiatives to increase awareness of the significance of protecting seals.

A seal is categorised as a pinniped, which is Latin for “fin-footed.” Additionally, the walrus and sea lion are pinnipeds. Seals differ from other pinnipeds in that they do not use their flippers to navigate. On land, they frequently travel on their stomachs. Their flippers help them travel swiftly through the water. Additionally, seals are more docile and smaller than sea lions and walruses.

Seals inhabit the areas surrounding the north and south poles. They are targets of predators and hunters. This has endangered their population. This day was created to increase awareness of how they can be spared.

This day is celebrated on a global scale. Despite the fact that seals inhabit the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, millions of people around the globe adore them; therefore, this holiday is celebrated worldwide.

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Attend a public education event.

Many naturalist organisations and zoos sponsor awareness events during International Day of the Seal. Attend a presentation to learn more about these extraordinary animals.

View a documentary on seals.

There are numerous videos and written resources about seals and their habitats available. Learn how climate change affects these seals throughout the day.

Visit a seal exhibit zoo

Seals are related to the Arctic Circle and Antarctica-dwelling sea lions and walruses. However, you need not travel to the polar regions to encounter these majestic animals. To commemorate the festival, you can visit a zoo and educate yourself on animals.


Exist numerous species

There are 33 seal species.

Their epidermis aids in temperature regulation

The layer of fat beneath seals’ epidermis that keeps them warm in frigid water is called blubber.

They can recognise prey

The whiskers of a seal aid in detecting prey in turbid water.

They can survive for up to 30 years.

Their lifespan is between 25 and 30 years.

They weigh more than we do.

The smallest seals weigh 100 pounds, whereas the largest weigh over 7,000.


It’s a week to accomplish something of value.

All animals are essential. International Day of the Seal enables us to conduct vital conservation efforts and identify ways to aid the planet.

It encourages research.

International Day of the Seal encourages individuals to increase their knowledge of seals. It is a means of making individuals more cognizant of their position in the grand scheme of things.

It promotes preservation

On this day, the significance of protecting endangered animals is emphasised. Donations to this cause are strongly encouraged.


Year Date Day
2023 March 22 Wednesday
2024 March 22 Friday
2025 March 22 Saturday
2026 March 22 Sunday
2027 March 22 Monday