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International Kissing Day 2021: Health benefits of kissing

A similar day called Kiss Day is celebrated on February 13, it falls in during the week of Valentine’s Day. 

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International Kissing Day 2021: Health benefits of kissing

Every year on July 6 International Kissing Day is celebrated. This practice was started by the United Kingdom and in the early 2000s, it was adopted worldwide.

A similar day called Kiss Day is celebrated on February 13, it falls in during the week of Valentine’s Day.

The main concept behind this day is that many people have forgotten the simple pleasure associated with kissing and now kissing is just as mere as a social formality or prelude to other activities. This day reminds people to recognize the simple but special thing – “Kiss” between friends, lovers, family and even pets.

A kiss is considered as the expression of love, it is a wonderful way to express your feelings. According to the experts, a kiss strengthens the relationship between two and it is also beneficial for mental health. Kissing can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself and is an experience of love and intimacy.


Kissing Day is quite popular in many countries of the world. Its history starts with Europe, Romans can be thanked for this widespread practice of kissing in Europe. According to the European culture, kissing is described in three forms:  ‘the osculum – a friendly peck on the cheek’, the basium – a loving kiss on the lips’ and ‘the savium – the most passionate kisses on the mouth.’

In Europe, when, where and how you kiss someone is an important indicator of social status.

In 1918, a new term ‘French Kiss’ was out, after an American serviceman stationed in France came across a bold French woman.


Kissing has a lot of mental and physical benefits and here’s what science has to say about it:

1.) It boots you ‘happy hormones’ 

Kissing triggers and releases the mixture of chemicals that ignites the pleasure of the brain and a cocktail of happy hormones are released.

The released chemicals are oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, these chemicals encourage feelings of affection and bonding. Kissing also lowers the stress hormone (cortisol) levels as kissing is an affectionate way like hugging and saying ‘I love you’. Kissing impacts the physiological process related to stress management.

2.) It makes your bond stronger

The released chemical – oxytocin, is released with the pair bonding. The release of oxytocin, while kissing, causes the feeling of attraction and attachment. Kissing improves the level of satisfaction in a relationship and is important in a long-term relationship.

3.) It gives the feeling of self-worth

As kissing reduces the level of cortisol, it improves the feeling of self-worth. According to the research, kissing is a good way to temporarily drop the cortisol level and feel happy.

4.) It helps in the reduction of blood pressure

Kissing increases the heart rate, this dilates the blood vessels which means an increase in the blood flow and a decrease in blood pressure.

5.) It may also relieve cramps

A boost in feel-good hormones can also result in the relief of cramps. It may also soothe the headache as it reduces the headache trigger – ‘stress’.


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