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Kerala Floods: Rahul Gandhi excoriate government for not providing adequate fund

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Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi at Relief Camp at Chengannur, District Alappuzha, Kerala

While addressing media in Kerala’s Ernakulam on Tuesday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that he has come to Kerala to see the situation with his own eyes. He also visited a large number of camps yesterday and said that the people are quite worried, understandably so. They are not clear about their future. He spoke to the Chief Minister as well and said, “I think, it is very important that the Government gives the sense to the people that, it is going to help rebuild the houses, and also give a sense of the potential timeline to doing that. I think, there is need for counselling support to the people. They is lot of tension in the camps. So, I think that would be an area of focus. And I also think the compensation that it has been promised Rs.10,000 should be delivered relatively quickly. There is a feeling in the camps that has not been done yet.”

Answering a question by one mediaperson, Rahul Gandhi said he has come to Kerala to get a sense of the people’s feelings, and to get a sense of their emotions and to support and not to politicise the situation. So he is not going to comment on the nature of this crisis.

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Answering to another question Gandhi said, “I think there are certain actions that have been taken at the national level by the Government, which are undemocratic and we are fighting that battle. The opposition is united in fighting that battle. There are two different visions of India. One is a centralized vision and the other is a decentralized vision. One respects only one ideology based out on Nagpur and other respects all the different states, all the different ideas, all the different cultures, all the different people in this country. So that fight is on and I assure you that we are fighting that fight.  You must also be feeling that as journalists.”

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On another question he explains that he is not going into get other details. He just want to make it clearand that he has come to be with the people of Kerala and to make sure that the Congress Party is working with them. He said, he has given clear instructions to the Congress Party (activists) that they should help reconstruction of the houses, of course we are not in Government. So, there is limitation to work they can do but whatever they can do, they will do.

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On another question, Gandhi said, “I don’t respond to these types of questions. Again, I would like to reiterate, Kerala has suffered a tragedy and I don’t want to distract from this tragedy. I am here to serve the people of Kerala. Anything I can do for the people of Kerala, I will do. Anything Congress Party can do for the Kerala, we will do. I would have liked frankly, that the extent of support that the Central Government had given been more. I think that the Central Government should have given more support. I think, they owed it to the people of Kerala. I think, it is their right and I am sad that the Central Government has not given as much aid as they should have given.”